Seminar: One Year Later: Notre Dame, Luhring Augustine, New York (available online)

On April 15, 2019, the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris caught fire. The world watched as one of its most beloved medieval monuments burned. We were all reminded that not only is it a miracle that medieval architecture has survived into the 21st century, but that art and architecture (like all other tangible, materialContinue reading “Seminar: One Year Later: Notre Dame, Luhring Augustine, New York (available online)”

CFP: CAA session, ‘Buildings in Bloom: Foliage and Architecture in the Global Middle Ages’ (sponsored by the ICMA), deadline 23 July 2019

This panel seeks to explore foliate forms in a cross-cultural context across geographies and cultural traditions from roughly 300 to 1500 CE.

CFP: ‘Moving Materials: Medium, Meanings, & Technique in Transit’, ICMA sponsored session, Leeds International Medieval Congress (1–4 July 2019), deadline 21 September 2018

This panel aims to engage with materials and techniques in transit, as well as the (trans)regionality of their meanings and significations, by asking: are we still able to trace the ‘origin’ and ‘originality’ of certain materials, techniques, and their meanings?

10 Must-See Temporary Exhibitions in Summer 2018

The end of term is in sight and the days are getting longer. And that means we’re all daydreaming of summer. Whether your summer plans call for research or relaxation, take advantage of some stellar temporary exhibitions happening around the globe that are highlighting the production, context, and craftsmanship of medieval art. These exhibitions areContinue reading “10 Must-See Temporary Exhibitions in Summer 2018”

ICMA Student Committee seeks new members

The International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) Student Committee is currently seeking new members for two-year (renewable) terms. We welcome applications from current graduate students (MA, MPhil, PhD) who anticipate being in higher education for at least two more years.

CFP: ‘Regionalism in Medieval Art and Architecture’ (ICMA Student Committee Session), International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (10-13 May, 2018), deadline 10 September 2017

This panel seeks to consider how local identity was shaped by such global networks. Potential questions include: Are artistic or architectural styles connected to specific places for specific reasons? Were medieval artists conscious about their own regional styles and the social, political, and religious impact they had?

CFP: ‘Moving People, Shifting Frontiers: Re-contextualising the Thirteenth Century in the Wider Mediterranean’ (ICMA sponsored session), International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo 2018, deadline 10 September 2017

This session welcomes papers focused on, but not limited to: the role played by economic activity and political power in thirteenth-century artistic production and the shaping of local and interregional identities; the production and consumption of artifacts and their meaning; the transformation of urban and rural landscapes; religious and domestic architecture and the relationship between the private and public use of space.

Event: ICMA Study Days in New York and Baltimore

Date: Sunday 20 November 2016 – Tuesday 22 November 2016 In collaboration with Gerhard Lutz and Forum Medieval Art from Germany, the ICMA is co-sponsoring study days in New York and Baltimore in connection with these two exhibitions: Jerusalem 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art A Sense of Beauty: MedievalContinue reading “Event: ICMA Study Days in New York and Baltimore”

Application to join the ICMA Student Committee

Click here to apply to the ICMA Student Committee. The deadline for applications is April 1, 2016. About the Student Committee The Student Committee of the International Center for Medieval Art advocates for all members with student status and facilitates communication between both between ICMA student members and between student members and the ICMA. OurContinue reading “Application to join the ICMA Student Committee”

Call for Nominations: ICMA Leadership

Call for Nominations to ICMA Leadership Please join in shaping the future of the International Center for Medieval Art by proposing candidates for election to its leadership positions. The ICMA Nominating Committee seeks nominees (and self-nominees) for the following posts: 7 seats on the Board of Directors (3-year terms, 2015-18) 5 seats on the NominatingContinue reading “Call for Nominations: ICMA Leadership”