Online Workshop: Digital Tools for Teaching Medieval Art

The International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) is hosting an online workshop on Digital Tools for Teaching on Friday, August 14 at 12:00pm EST. Led by Rheagan Martin, the ICMA’s Coordinator for Digital Engagement, the workshop will focus on a comparison of the capabilities of ArtSteps and Omeka, two virtual exhibition platforms, as well as a demonstrationContinue reading “Online Workshop: Digital Tools for Teaching Medieval Art”

Publication: Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience

Pushed to the height of its illusionistic powers during the first centuries of the Roman Empire, sculpture was largely abandoned with the ascendancy of Christianity, as the apparent animation of the material image and practices associated with sculpture were considered both superstitious and idolatrous. In Pygmalion’s Power, Thomas E. A. Dale argues that the reintroduction ofContinue reading “Publication: Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience”

The Marco Manuscript Workshop 2021: “Immaterial Culture”

The sixteenth annual Marco Manuscript Workshop will take place Friday, February 5, and Saturday, February 6, 2021. Sessions will meet virtually via an online platform. The workshop is led by Professors Maura K. Lafferty (Classics) and Roy M. Liuzza (English), and is hosted by the Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the UniversityContinue reading “The Marco Manuscript Workshop 2021: “Immaterial Culture””

CFP: The Total Library: Aspirations for Complete Knowledge in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, deadline 1 September 2020

The 27th Biennial Conference of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program of Barnard College (New York City) is seeking paper proposals for their online conference to be held December 5, 2020. According to Borges, “The fancy or the imagination or the utopia of the Total Library has certain characteristics that are easily confused with virtues.” This one-day conference willContinue reading “CFP: The Total Library: Aspirations for Complete Knowledge in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, deadline 1 September 2020”

Online Lecture: Crossroads: Power and Piety at The Met

Insider Insights is a new online lecture series produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art that features recent exhibitions, singular artworks, and new scholarship in the field of art history. Crossroads is a new installation at The Met that rethinks how a museum displays artworks in its collection, and in this lecture curators in the department of Medieval Art and the Cloisters discuss themes of power and piety and take a closer look at artworks that challenge our traditional notions of the Middle Ages.

Exhibition: Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara at The Met

The first exhibition of its kind, Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara explores the art and history of the Sahel (a region of Western Africa comprised of modern-day Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger) from before the Common Era to the 19th century. The region was an active participant in global tradeContinue reading “Exhibition: Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara at The Met”

Online Resources: Les Enluminures

Les Enluminures, a gallery specializing in medieval illuminated manuscripts with locations in NYC, Chicago, and Paris, provides several digital resources for specialists, collectors, and the public alike to learn about medieval manuscripts. Here is a list of some of their online offerings: Podcasts Begun in 2019, here you can listen to untold stories of medievalContinue reading “Online Resources: Les Enluminures”

CFP: Materiality and Conversion

Materiality and Conversion: The Role of Material and Visual Cultures in the Christianization of the Latin West November 30 – December 1, 2020 The Center for Early Medieval Studies at Masaryk University invites you to submit to their call for papers on material and visual culture in the early medieval Mediterranean. Please submit your proposalsContinue reading “CFP: Materiality and Conversion”

Online Resources: Teaching Art History

In light of our current global crisis, most of us are facing drastic changes to every area of our lives—including how we study art and interact with teachers, students, and colleagues. The International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) has pulled together a fantastic master list of online resources for art history academics and enthusiasts. BrowseContinue reading “Online Resources: Teaching Art History”