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#MetGala In All Its Glory

We’ve now had a week to digest the photos, the fashion, and the inevitable memes of Met Gala 2018. Hopefully a week has been enough time to take in the weird, wonderful, and worshipful experience that was this year’s annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. Each year the gala’s theme is based on the Institute’s summer exhibition, and on 10 May Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination opened at both the Met’s 5th Avenue and Cloisters locations. Kim Kardashian was compared to a Eucharist chalice, haloes abounded, and ‘Rihanna going full pope’ is now a phrase.

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10 Must-See Temporary Exhibitions this Summer

The end of term is in sight and the days are getting longer. And that means we’re all daydreaming of summer. Whether your summer plans call for research or relaxation, take advantage of some stellar temporary exhibitions happening around the globe that are highlighting the production, context, and craftsmanship of medieval art. These exhibitions are pushing boundaries, considering new contexts, and boasting bold feats—several of these exhibitions present artworks on view in North America and Europe for the first time. Let us know your favourites by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. Happy Summer!

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Exhibition: Les Enluminures at Bibliography Week, New York. January 22 to 27

January 22 to January 27, 2018
enluminures“Bibliography Week” happens every year in New York City at the end of January when principal national organizations devoted to book history have their annual meetings. Many interesting events are planned, since so many bibliophiles are in town.
Some events are open only to members of the Grolier Club, but others are public and anyone with an interest in books is invited to show up. Les Enluminures is proud to be participating this year in “Bibliography Week,” especially so because two of its principles Sandra Hindman, Founder and President, and Laura Light, Senior Specialist, have joined the Club in the last year.

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The Art Institute of Chicago, Allerton Galleries
January 27th to May 28th


The Art Institute of Chicago will exhibit this impressive and broad-ranging collection of approximately thirty exquisite fragments, which was assembled over a lifetime by medieval manuscript scholar and long-time Chicagoan, Sandra Hindman.

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April 29 through June 10, 2017

Opening: MADISON AVENUE GALLERY WALK Saturday, April 29, 2017

The works presented here – manuscripts, miniatures, drawings, and rings – offer a meaningful counterpoint to more recent artistic productions and celebrate the legacy of thoughtful collecting from generations past and present. Highlights of the exhibition include a majestic two volume illustrated manuscript made in the court of King Charles V (reigned 1364-1380), a masterpiece of French Gothic manuscript illumination known as the “Soisson Missal”, a miniature attributed to a follower of Giovanni di Paolo from the collection of Lord Clark of Saltwood, and a Roman ring with message of friendship hidden in its intricate open-work.


Exposition – Moyen Âge et publicité

Paris, Tour Jean sans Peur
29 mars – 31 décembre 2017

Comment diffuser la publicité commerciale, proclamer des festivités, faire savoir les condamnations en justice dans un monde où la majorité des gens ne sait pas lire et où les journaux n’existent pas ? C’est ce que donne à voir cette nouvelle exposition qui aborde également le Moyen Âge dans la publicité moderne, la période médiévale étant l’une des plus utilisées dans ce domaine.

L’exposition aborde deux sujets :

– la publicité au Moyen Âge : comment communiquer sur les événements
commerciaux, les festivités, les condamnations en justice dans un monde où
le petit peuple ne sait pas lire et où les journaux n’existent pas ?
– l’imagerie médiévale dans la publicité moderne : des fromages aux
centrales nucléaires en passant par la mort-aux-rats et les bretelles.

Tour Jean sans Peur

Conférences autour de l’exposition

Mercredi 19 avril à 19h00
Le langage de la publicité au Moyen Âge
par Danièle Alexandre-Bidon, commissaire de l’exposition

Mercredi 31 mai à 19h00
Armoiries médiévales et logos contemporains : ressemblances et dissemblances
par Michel Pastoureau, directeur d’études à l’EPHE

Mercredi 7 juin à 19h00
Le Moyen Âge, fils de la pub ? Les références médiévales dans la publicité contemporaine
par Yohann Chanoir, agrégé d’histoire, doctorant à l’EHESS

Mercredi 14 juin à 19h00
Les joyeuses entrées des ducs de Bourgogne : ordre et désordre du politique au XVe siècle
par Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin, professeur d’histoire médiévale, à l’université de Lille 3
Cette conférence sera suivie d’une rencontre-dédicace avec Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin
pour son livre Le royaume inachevé des ducs de Bourgogne (2016, éd. Belin)

Informations pratiques :
Commissaire de l’exposition : Danièle Alexandre-Bidon, CRH-EHESS
Coordination – communication : Rémi Rivière, Agnès Lavoye, Tour Jean sans Peur
Graphisme : Jean-Jacques Guillon, c-visuel

Tarif des conférences :
8€/pers. : 1re conférence
6€/pers. : conférences suivantes
Réservation indispensable :
ou au 01 40 26 20 28


Books made in Paris are among the most important expressions of French medieval and Renaissance art. From c. 1200 into the sixteenth century, Paris was the greatest center for the production of illuminated manuscripts and illustrated books in Europe. The royal court, prestigious members of the church, and the learned men of the university of Paris together supported a thriving commercial book trade. Our exhibit brings together manuscripts, miniatures, and printed books copied and illuminated in the French capital from thirteenth-century Bibles, fifteenth-century illuminated Books of Hours, to precious examples of illustrated books by sixteenth-century French printers.

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