CFP: Interdisciplinarity in the Study of the Image (Universitat de València, 27-29 October 2021), deadline 15 June 2021

This symposium aims to promote interrelationships between disciplines for the study of the image. Concretely, we propose an approach that addresses both the meaning of the image and its cultural function in different contexts, from innovative perspectives.

CFP: ‘Bibles, Gospels, Breviaries and Books of Hours’, Research Centre for European Philological Tradition (online, 11 Nov 2021 – 26 May 2022), deadline 15 July 2021

The Research Centre for European Philological Tradition invites proposals their upcoming seminar series: ‘Bibles, Gospels, Breviaries and Books of Hours’.

CFP: ‘The (Un)Needed Sciences: Perspectives of Discussion Among Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, and History’, deadline 25 July 2021

Papers will be organised in panels, according to common topics or areas of interest. At the end of the workshop, a round table will allow the general discussion and the results will be finalised in a report and through a mindmap, which will contribute in the public debate concerning the topics of the workshop.

CFP: British Archaeological Association Post-Graduate Conference (27 November 2021), deadline 31 July 2021

The BAA invites proposals by postgraduates and early career researchers in the field of medieval history of art, architecture, and archaeology.

CFP: (Re-)Constructing Late Antique Armenia (2nd-8th Centuries CE): Historiography, Material culture, Immaterial heritage (Masaryk University, Czech Republic, 21-22 February 2022), deadline 30 June 2021

Masaryk University welcomes papers for their upcoming conference which centres on the place of Armenian arts and culture within the Late Antique Mediterranean space.

CFP: ‘Image & Narrative in Romanesque Art’, British Archaeological Association International Romanesque conference, British School at Rome (28-30 March 2022), deadline 31 July 2021

The British Archaeological Association invites papers for their 2022 International Romanesque conference which will take place at the British School at Rome.

Call for Papers: Greek Islands under the Control of Western Rulers, 13th-15th Cent.: Searching for Their Identity through Their Patronage (Deadline 30th June 2021)

Postgraduate students and early career researchers from various disciplines (history, archaeology, history of art, epigraphy and palaeography) are particularly encouraged to participate. Emphasis will be given to interdisciplinary approaches.

Call for Papers: ‘Theatrum Libri: The Press, Reading and Dissemination in Early Modern Europe’ (Deadline 30th June 2021)

The conferences invites participants to look at the printed book and manuscript as an archival phenomenon in terms of content (accumulation of knowledge) and form (accumulation of books). The conference is also aimed at the reflection on the creation of the book and its structure, the press, its dynamics in socio-cultural processes, highlighting the role of the author, publisher, distributor, reader, and book collector.

Call for Papers: Eikón / Imago Journal 2022, ‘Pre-Modern “Pop Cultures”? Images and Objects Around the Mediterranean (c. 350-1918)’ (Deadline 30th June 2021)

Eikón / Imago requests paper submissions for their 2022 issue: ‘Pre-Modern “Pop Cultures”? Images and Objects Around the Mediterranean (c. 350–1918)’. Special Guest Editors will be Ivan Foletti, Zuzana Frantová, and Adrien Palladino.