CFP: Modernity and Lateness in Medieval Architecture, International Congress on Medieval Studies (13-15 May 2021), deadline 15 September 2020

This panel challenges Eurocentric progress models of stylistic change that presuppose a nascent, fully- realized, and late style in architecture. The panel aims to (re)situate the eclectic visual vocabularies of secular and religious buildings from the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries that are indebted to medieval building practices and designs within the larger and more established narratives of art and architectural history.

CFP: Weather Saints (International Medieval Congress 2021), deadline 10 September 2020

This session seeks to explore the interaction between human beings and the meteorological manifestations of the weather. It focuses on the intervention of saints who either function as divine intercessors or whose meteorological powers control and influence the weather in order to reassure and reestablish the prosperity/security/protection of a given community.

CFP: Dark Archives 20/20: A Conference on the Medieval Unread & Unreadable (8-10 September 2020), deadline 31 July 2020

Dark Archives 20/20 therefore invites researchers from around the world to address a basic question underscored by our current physical isolation: if we no longer have access to the original sources, only to (overwhelmingly digital) copies, what of the medieval do we still possess, and what more might we thereby uncover?

CFP: 8th Days of Justinian I, Skopje (November 13–14, 2020), deadline 10 August 2020

The International scientific symposium “Days of Justinian I” is an annual interdisciplinary scholarly forum aimed at the presentation of the latest research followed by discussions on various aspects of Byzantine and Medieval Studies before 1500; this includes the treatment and interpretation of cultural, historical and spiritual heritage in contemporary modern Europe.

Call for Session Proposals: 7th Cycle of Medieval Studies June 2021, NUME Research Group on Latin Middle Ages, deadline 4 October 2020

The goal is to offer a broad overview of the current situation of Italian and international medievalist studies. Issues which are related to many different aspects of the medieval period (V-XV century) can be addressed: history, philosophy, politics, literature, art, archeology, material culture, new technologies applied to medieval studies and so on.

CFP: Women Worth Remembering: Female Models from Antiquity in the Visual Arts, c. 1350-c. 1650, Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting (Dublin, 7-10 Apr 21), deadline 2 August 2020

This panel seeks to explore the impact that these models from antiquity had on the developing notion of female identity between the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. It also aims to investigate more extensively the related iconographic tradition which, despite several recent scholarly publications and exhibitions, remains unevenly explored.

CFP: The Medieval Eschatology, Santiago de Compostela, deadline 1 April 2021

Eschatology is one of the central components of medieval Christian culture. The end of the world, the Last Judgment, salvation, Messianism, the Antichrist, the Apocalypticism and millenarianism are inescapable elements in what we may generally describe as “Medieval eschatology”. Deadline for submission of proposals is open to April 1, 2021.

Call for Papers: The Virgin as Auctoritas: The Authority of the Virgin Mary and female moral–doctrinal authority in the Middle Ages (Session sponsored by ICMA), Association for Art History Annual Conference, deadline 19 October 2020

This session aims at exploring a fundamental issue: female authority through the lens of visual/material culture. It involves prominently the Virgin Mary – as well as figures of female authority in the medieval world – because in the late decades of the 20th century, feminist thinkers pointed at the ‘negative model’ offered by the Virgin Mary since for centuries she had been branded by the Catholic Church as a role model for modesty, submission and virginity.

Call for Papers: Caused Selves: Embodying the Material World in the Middle Ages, Seminar Series at Sewanee Medieval, deadline: 1 Oct 2020

This seminar stages a conversation about the Middle Ages’ varied tactics for embodying the material world, both in medicine and in other spheres. We’ll inquire into the entailments and possibilities of the Middle Ages’ multiplicitously “caused selves,” especially as these were understood to participate in physical, material environments.