Conference: Subterranean, York

 ‘Subterranean’ is a two-day interdisciplinary conference, organised for the 17 and 18 of May, 2014 at the University of York. It is not an overstatement to suggest that much of the material culture associated with the medieval world (including artefacts, objects and spaces), are identified with the ground in some way. From the famed graveContinue reading “Conference: Subterranean, York”

The experience of sacred places: times and settings (Aguilar de Campo, Spain, Sept 26-28 2014)

with Xavier BARRAL I ALTET, Université de Rennes 2 y Ca’ Foscari de Venecia  Susana CALVO CAPILLA, Universidad Complutense de Madrid  Vincent DEBIAIS, CNRS–Université de Poitiers/CESCM  Rosa RODRÍGUEZ PORTO, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela  Bissera PENTCHEVA, Stanford University. California  Michele BACCI, Universität Freiburg – Suiza  Herbert l. KESSLER, Johns Hopkins University Click here for furtherContinue reading “The experience of sacred places: times and settings (Aguilar de Campo, Spain, Sept 26-28 2014)”

Call for Papers: Medieval Roofing between the Loire and the Meuse, images and techniques

Papers in French, English and Dutch are invited for the international conference ‘Les couvertures monumentales au Moyen Âge entre Loire et Meuse : images et techniques’, Tournai, 22-23 January, 2015. Abstracts and CVs to by 25 April 2015. 2ème Colloque international Les couvertures monumentales au Moyen Âge entre Loire et Meuse: images et techniquesContinue reading “Call for Papers: Medieval Roofing between the Loire and the Meuse, images and techniques”

Conference: Misericordia International Conference (León, 29th May – 1st June 2014)

Misericordia International Conference Choir Stalls in Architecture and Architecture in Choir Stalls León, 29th May – 1st June 2014 Misericordia International was founded by Elaine C. Block (1925-2008) as an association dedicated to the research, awareness and study of choir stalls, and their relationship to other artistic expressions during the Middle Ages. Since its creation,Continue reading “Conference: Misericordia International Conference (León, 29th May – 1st June 2014)”

Conference: British Institute at Ankara – Alan Hall One Day Event & Pre-Event Dinner, London

The British Institute at Ankara warmly invites you to a one-day event being held on Saturday 11 October at King’s College London, Strand Campus.   The  programme provides a fascinating menu of topics for anybody who is enthusiastic and curious to discover more about Turkey past and present  and will foreground the achievements of research promoted byContinue reading “Conference: British Institute at Ankara – Alan Hall One Day Event & Pre-Event Dinner, London”

Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen

On 24 June 2014, Prof. Giuseppe Falcone will give his solemn address marking his acceptance of the H.J. Scheltema-chair of Byzantine Law at the University of Groningen. Preceding this festive occasion, the Department of Legal History in cooperation with the University of Palermo (Italy) will host a Symposium on Byzantine Law in Groningen, the Netherlands,Continue reading “Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen”

Conference: Anti-Judaism and Its Implications, Waterville, ME

In Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition (Norton, 2013), David Nirenberg  seeks “to demonstrate how different people put old ideas about Judaism to new kinds of work in thinking about their world; to show how this work engaged the past and transformed it; and to ask how that work reshaped the possibilities of thought in the future.”Continue reading “Conference: Anti-Judaism and Its Implications, Waterville, ME”

Conference: The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers, Princeton

The Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies presents “The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers: A Comparison of Byzantium, Islam, and Western Christendom in the High Middle Ages,” a conference, directed by Teresa Shawcross, Assistant Professor of History, to held on 26–27 April at 216 Aaron Burr Hall. The High Middle Ages were a periodContinue reading “Conference: The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers, Princeton”

Call for papers: Mediterranean Visions/ Mediterranean Frame

On 13-15 June 2014, the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento will host two events: a conference “Mediterranean Visions: Journeys, Itineraries and Cultural Migrations/ Visioni Mediterranee: Viaggi, Itinerari e Migrazioni Culturali” and a symposium, “History, Literature and Culture in a Mediterranean Frame.” Paper proposals are being accepted for “Mediterranean Visions” (13 & 14 June), organized by GiovanniContinue reading “Call for papers: Mediterranean Visions/ Mediterranean Frame”

Upcoming Conference: ‘The Abbot’s Table’, Glastonbury Abbey, 13th June 2014

Conference on eating and monastic life in medieval England. Chaired by Prof. Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading). Speakers include Prof. James Clark (University of Exeter), Prof. Chris Woolgar (University of Southampton) and Marc Meltonville (Hampton Court Palace). For more info, email