New Publication: Byzantine Religious Law in Medieval Italy by James Morton

This new work from Oxford University Press is the first ever historical study of manuscripts of Byzantine religious law from medieval Italy. It offers a legal and institutional framework for reassessing relations between medieval Greek and Latin Christians. It includes identifications and descriptions of Italo-Greek canon law manuscripts, which will serve as the basis forContinue reading “New Publication: Byzantine Religious Law in Medieval Italy by James Morton”

Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen

On 24 June 2014, Prof. Giuseppe Falcone will give his solemn address marking his acceptance of the H.J. Scheltema-chair of Byzantine Law at the University of Groningen. Preceding this festive occasion, the Department of Legal History in cooperation with the University of Palermo (Italy) will host a Symposium on Byzantine Law in Groningen, the Netherlands,Continue reading “Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen”