Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen

On 24 June 2014, Prof. Giuseppe Falcone will give his solemn address marking his acceptance of the H.J. Scheltema-chair of Byzantine Law at the University of Groningen. Preceding this festive occasion, the Department of Legal History in cooperation with the University of Palermo (Italy) will host a Symposium on Byzantine Law in Groningen, the Netherlands,Continue reading “Conference: Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen”

Summer program at the University of Groningen

A summer program entitled, “Things that Matter,” is being organized by the University of Groningen, Netherlands, in collaboration with the universities of Bremen and Oldenburg, addressing the relationship between History and Material Culture Studies. This summer school aims to map out the vastly growing research field of Material Culture Studies and its methodological and theoreticalContinue reading “Summer program at the University of Groningen”