Conference: The Literature and History of Anglo-Dutch Relations, Medieval to Early Modern,  Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, January 6-8 2022

Contacts between English and Dutch speakers had a profound impact on the literary landscape and book culture of England and the Low Countries. This British Academy funded conference crosses conventional chronological, linguistic, geographical and disciplinary boundaries to explore the cultural history of relations between English and Dutch speakers, from the Norman Conquest through to theContinue reading “Conference: The Literature and History of Anglo-Dutch Relations, Medieval to Early Modern,  Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, January 6-8 2022”

Online Conference: Seals and Society in the Medieval World, Byzantine Studies Virtual Colloqium, 29th October 2021, 9:00 – 16:15 EST

To mark the completion of the Dumbarton Oaks Online Catalogue of Byzantine Seals in 2021, Dumbarton Oaks is hosting a colloquium to explore the production, function, inscriptions, iconographic designs, and significance of seals.

Online Conference: British Archaeological Association Postgraduate Conference, 24–25 November 2021

The British Archaeological Association is excited to announce the programme for this years online Postgraduate Conference. Make sure to book your place now.

Online Conference: Religion and Enmity: A RaceB4Race Symposium, Arizona State University, 19-22 October 2021

This interdisciplinary symposium, hosted by Rutgers University, focuses on how premodern racial discourses are tied to cartographical markers and ambitions.

Conference: ‘(In)Materiality in Medieval Art’, 14th Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 11th and 12th November 2021

The 14th Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval propose to focus on materiality as an essential factor in the artistic production, as well as on the poetics of immateriality and the intangible condition of the aesthetic experience.

Conference: ‘Pre-former/Performer: Sources et categories pour l’etude de la performance et du rituel’, UC Louvain, 6-7 October 2021

A workshop organised by Sergi Sancho Fibla and Ingrid Falque at the UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) and on Zoom on the categories and sources destined to study performance and ritual in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. Papers are in French and English.

Conference: ‘Representing and naming Greece & Greek space (14th-16th c.)’, University of Lille, 1 October 2021

This conference will focus on the representations of Greek space, ancient and “modern”, in textual and iconographic works from the 14th to the 16th century.

Online Conference: ‘Loss’, 14th Annual Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age, 17-19 November 2021

The Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies (SIMS) at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries is pleased to announce the 14th Annual Lawrence J. Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age.

Online Conference: ‘Fragments and Frameworks: Illuminated Manuscripts and Illustrated Books in Digital Humanities’, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, 11am–4pm (EDT), 1 October 2021

This conference will discuss fragments and frameworks, actual and conceptual, in art history and related disciplines, and address emerging questions in digital humanities.

Online Conference: ‘The Lay Experience of the Medieval Cathedral’, Ecclesiological Society Annual Conference, 10:00–17:15 (BST), 2 October 2021

Get your tickets now for the Ecclesiological Society online Annual Conference, which takes place on 2nd October 2021.