Call for Papers: Arthur Kingsley Porter 100 Years Later (Deadline: 15 September 2022)

2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Arthur Kingsley Porter’s seminal Romanesque Sculpture of the Pilgrimage Roads, providing an opportunity to revisit one of medieval art history’s foundational thinkers. While Porter’s work continues to underpin scholarship today, surprisingly few studies have examined him or the paradigms he created. These sessions aim to address the work ofContinue reading “Call for Papers: Arthur Kingsley Porter 100 Years Later (Deadline: 15 September 2022)”

Online conference: British Archaeological Association’s Romanesque conference: ‘Image & Narrative in Romanesque Art’, 28–30 March 2022

The seventh in the British Archaeological Association’s Romanesque conference series, Image and Narrative, is taking place at the British School at Rome. It will be available on Zoom.

Online Lecture: ‘Romanesque Sculpture in Devon and Cornwall’, with Dr Alex Woodcock, The Society for Church Archaeology, 7 September 2021, 19–20pm (BST)

The Society for Church Archaeology welcomes Dr Alex Woodcock for ‘Romanesque Sculpture in Devon and Cornwall’

Online Conference: Romanesque and the Year 1000 Online Conference, British Archaeological Association and Dommuseum Hildesheim, 7-10 September 2021

The British Archaeological Association will hold the sixth in its biennial International Romanesque conference series as an online Zoom webinar from 7- 10 September 2021.

New Publication: ‘Romanesque Tomb Effigies: Death and Redemption in Medieval Europe, 1000–1200’ by Shirin Fozi

Framed by evocative inscriptions, tumultuous historical events, and the ambiguities of Christian death, Romanesque tomb effigies were the first large-scale figural monuments for the departed in European art. In this book, Shirin Fozi explores these provocative markers of life and death, establishing early tomb figures as a coherent genre that hinged upon histories of failure and frustrated ambition.

CFP: ‘Image & Narrative in Romanesque Art’, British Archaeological Association International Romanesque conference, British School at Rome (28-30 March 2022), deadline 31 July 2021

The British Archaeological Association invites papers for their 2022 International Romanesque conference which will take place at the British School at Rome.

Online Lecture: ‘Wording the Crucifixion: art, inscriptions and polemics of two Romanesque ivory crosses’ by Professor Sandy Heslop, 16 November 2020, 6-7pm

The London Art History Society presents: Professor Heslop will explores Romanesque carved crucifixes.

Online Lecture: ‘Cluny and Vézelay: The Paradox of the Romanesque Capital in Burgundy’, Professor Neil Stratford, CRSBI Annual Lecture 2020

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland (CRSBI)’s Annual Lecture 2020, given by Professor Neil Stratford, is now available to watch online. This an opportunity to hear his analysis of Romanesque capitals, using well-known Romanesque buildings as examples, developed over decades of careful study of the subject.

Publication: Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience

Pushed to the height of its illusionistic powers during the first centuries of the Roman Empire, sculpture was largely abandoned with the ascendancy of Christianity, as the apparent animation of the material image and practices associated with sculpture were considered both superstitious and idolatrous. In Pygmalion’s Power, Thomas E. A. Dale argues that the reintroduction ofContinue reading “Publication: Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience”

New Publication: Romanesque Saints, Shrines and Pilgrimage, edited by John McNeill & Richard Plant

The 23 chapters in this volume explore the material culture of sanctity in Latin Europe and the Mediterranean between c. 1000 and c. 1220, with a focus on the ways in which saints and relics were enshrined, celebrated, and displayed.