Online Lecture: ‘Byzantine Pieces of an Umayyad Puzzle: A Basalt Platform in the Azraq Oasis’, Dr Alexander Brey, 1 October 2020, 4:00–5:00pm (ET)

In this lecture, Dr. Alexander Brey, Wellesley College, will discuss an Umayyad-era basalt reservoir platform built within the Azraq oasis in eastern Jordan and places its carved interlocking stones in conservation with early Byzantine zodiac and celestial diagrams.

Online Lecture: Hagia Sophia: The History of the Building and the Building in History, Dumbarton Oaks Webinar, 1 September 1 2020, 11–12:30 (EDT)

This webinar brings together scholars who have actively promoted research on the Hagia Sophia and will cover historical facts, Dumbarton Oaks’ involvement, and the issues related to the recent reconversion of the monument.

Online Lectures: British Archaeological Association sponsored panels for the IMC 2020

As the IMC 2020 could not take place this year, the British Archaeological Association has recorded their sponsored panels which you can now watch online. All papers are chaired by Dr Harriet Mahood.

Online Lectures: Church Conservation Trust, August-September 2020

All of the Church Conservation Trust lectures are all free to get involved with and are Livestreamed them via their Facebook page, this allows you to really engage with the talk and to submit your questions live. These lectures are recorded and will be available to watch afterward.

Online Lecture: ‘Cluny and Vézelay: The Paradox of the Romanesque Capital in Burgundy’, Professor Neil Stratford, CRSBI Annual Lecture 2020

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland (CRSBI)’s Annual Lecture 2020, given by Professor Neil Stratford, is now available to watch online. This an opportunity to hear his analysis of Romanesque capitals, using well-known Romanesque buildings as examples, developed over decades of careful study of the subject.

Online Lecture: Crossroads: Power and Piety at The Met

Insider Insights is a new online lecture series produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art that features recent exhibitions, singular artworks, and new scholarship in the field of art history. Crossroads is a new installation at The Met that rethinks how a museum displays artworks in its collection, and in this lecture curators in the department of Medieval Art and the Cloisters discuss themes of power and piety and take a closer look at artworks that challenge our traditional notions of the Middle Ages.

Online Lecture: The Maius Masterclass with Professor Susan Boynton, 31 July 2020 4pm

For our final event in the Maius Masterclass series, on Friday 31 July at 4pm, we are delighted to welcome Professor Susan Boynton (Columbia University). Susan’s research has focused on such topics as music in the Iberian peninsula, liturgy, manuscript studies, and intersections between music and the visual arts.

Online Lecture: The King, His Hall and a Scandal: Accounts of Eadwig in the Tenth Century, Katherine Weikert, (SAHGB Seminar) 23 July 2020 17:00-18:00

In 955, King Eadwig came to the West Saxon throne in a time of internal strife between delegates for the crown. Only fifteen at the time, his short-lived reign became synonymous with lechery, debouchery and ill-council. This paper will examine one of the stories that made this reputation: at his coronation feast, Eadwig left the celebrations in order to cavort with his consort, Ælfgifu (and, in some texts, her mother.)

Online Lecture: The Maius Masterclass with Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock, 24 July 2020 1.30pm

On Friday 24 July at 1.30pm, we will welcome Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock (University of Sheffield). Caroline is the only Aztec historian in the UK, and her research focuses on indigenous and Spanish American history and the Atlantic world, with a particular interest in issues of gender, violence, and cultural exchange.