New Publication: ‘Conversion to Islam in the Premodern Age: A Sourcebook’, eds. Nimrod Hurvitz, Christian C. Sahner, Uriel Simonsohn, and Luke Yarbrough

This groundbreaking collection of texts, translated from sources in a dozen languages from the seventh to the eighteenth centuries, presents the historical process of conversion to Islam in all its variety and unruly detail, through the eyes of both Muslim and non-Muslim observers.

PhD Funding: The University of Edinburgh Programmes in History, Classics, and Archaeology (Deadline 25 January 2021)

The University of University of Edinburgh School of History, Classics and Archaeology is delighted to invite applications from outstanding candidates for a range of PhD scholarships designed to attract the best and brightest candidates to study in Edinburgh.

Call for Papers: International Workshop on Medieval Epigraphy, 15-19 September 2021 (Deadline 15 January 2021)

The first International Workshop on Medieval Epigraphy held in Roda de Isábena (Aragon, Spain) from 15 to 19 September 2021 is opening a call for applications for young scholars working on medieval inscriptions.

New Publication: ‘Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks and in the Fogg Museum of Art, Volume 7’, ed. John A. Cotsonis

Dumbarton Oaks houses the largest collection of Byzantine lead seals in the world, with approximately 17,000 specimens. Volume 7 of the ongoing series of Dumbarton Oaks catalogues presents a distinct part of the collection: 572 anonymous seals bearing sacred images on both sides.

Call for Papers: ‘Movement’, Medieval Studies Student Colloquium, Cornell University, 26-27 March 2021 (Deadline 15 January 2021)

The Medieval Studies Program at Cornell University is pleased to announce its thirty-first annual graduate student colloquium (MSSC). The conference will take place on the 26th and the 27th of March, to be held virtually over Zoom.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Late Antique and/or Medieval Greek and Near Eastern Narrative, Ghent University, deadline 5 January 2021

The Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University (Belgium) is seeking well-qualified applicants for a fully-funded and full-time postdoctoral research fellowship in the European Research Council Consolidator Grant project Novel Echoes.

New Publication: The Interaction of Art and Relics in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art, ed. Livia Stoenescu

The collection of essays gathered in this volume investigates the interaction between art and relics as a distinct historical relevance for devotional art of Early Modernity and the Renaissance.

New Publication: Art et économie en France et en Italie au XIVe siècle: Prix, valeurs, carrières, ed. Nicolas Bock and Michele Tomasi

From Giotto to the Parisian goldsmith Jean le Braelier, from Avignon to Naples via Mallorca, by approaching paintings, funeral monuments, frescoes, precious wood panelling and even a royal faldistoire, the authors question the impact of economic factors on the artistic creation.

Call for Applications: Mary Jaharis Center Grants 2021-2022, deadline 1 February 2021

The Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture is pleased to announce its 2021–2022 grant competition. Our grants reflect the Mary Jaharis Center’s commitment to fostering the field of Byzantine studies through the support of graduate students and early career researchers and faculty. Mary Jaharis Center Dissertation Grants are awarded to advanced graduate studentsContinue reading “Call for Applications: Mary Jaharis Center Grants 2021-2022, deadline 1 February 2021”