New Publication: ‘Bringing the Holy Land Home: The Crusades, Chertsey Abbey, and the Reconstruction of a Medieval Masterpiece’, ed. by Amanda Luyster

Essays illuminate specific material contexts that similarly witness western Europe’s, and particularly England’s, engagement with the material culture of the eastern Mediterranean, including ceramics, textiles, relics and reliquaries, metalwork, coins, sculpture, and ivories.

New Publication: ‘Los animales en los Beatos. Representación, materialidad y retórica visual de su fauna apocalíptica (ca. 900-1248)’ by Nadia Mariana Consiglieri

Beatus illuminated manuscripts were mainly produced in the Iberian region but also in French and Italian territories between the 10th and 13th centuries when Beatus of Liébana’s Commentary on the Apocalypse was copied in monastic scriptoria. Depending on their origin and time, the versions of their animals were modified.


New Publication: ‘Inventing Late Antique Reliquaries. Reception, Material History, and Dynamics of Interaction (4th-6th Centuries CE)’ by Adrien Palladino

Tracing the medieval reliquary’s “pre-history”, this volume examines boxes bearing Christian images and patterns made between the fourth to the sixth century CE.

New Publication: ‘Dominicans and Franciscans in Medieval Rome: History, Architecture, and Art’, by Joan Barclay Lloyd

In the context of the origin and evolution of the two Mendicant Orders, this book traces the history of these thirteenth-century Dominican and Franciscan foundations, focussing on their location in Rome, the history of each site, their architecture, and the medieval works of art connected with them.

New Publication: ‘Horizons médiévaux d’Orient et d’Occident: Regards croisés entre France et Japon’, ed. Atushi Egawa, Marc Smith, Megumi Tanabe, and Hanno Wijsman

This volume contains fifteen articles from the international symposium “Cultural exchanges in the Middle Ages: from dialogue to the construction of cultures”, held 18th and 19th November 2017 at the Yamato-Bunkakan museum in Nara, the former capital of Japan, at the initiative of the network of medievalists Ménestrel.

New Publication: ‘The Bologna Cope: Patronage, Iconography, History, and Conservation’, ed. M.A. Michael

This second volume in the series Studies in English Medieval Embroidery is dedicated to the Opus Anglicanum Cope of St Domenico, Bologna now housed in the Museo Civico Medievale.

New Publication: ‘Écrire l’art en France au temps de Charles V et Charles VI (1360-1420) Le témoignage des chroniqueurs’ by Michele Tomasi

A detailed analysis of the chroniclers’ texts and their words provides access to the representations and reveals the practices, expectations and hierarchies of the French elites in the 14th and 15th centuries.

New Publication: ‘Riemenschneider in Rothenburg: Sacred Space and Civic Identity in the Late Medieval City’, by Katherine M. Boivin, PSU Press

Using altarpieces by the famed medieval artist Tilman Riemenschneider as touchstones for her argument, Boivin explores how artwork in Germany’s preeminent medieval city, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, deliberately propagated civic ideals.