New Publication: ‘L’art medieval est-il contemporain? (Is Medieval Art Contemporary)’, ed. by Charlotte Denoel, Larisa Dryansky, Erik Verhagen, and Isabelle Marchesin

This publication brings together essays by scholars of both medieval and contemporary art, offering a cross-disciplinary approach of both periods.

New Publication: Medieval World: Culture & Conflict Issue 6, “King Louis IX of France (r. 1226-1270)”

Issue 6 of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict looks at the world of King Louis IX of France (r. 1226–1270) – “the most Christian king” – who was a keen diplomat, ardent crusader, and remarkable patron.

New Publication: “Rethinking the Dialogue between the Verbal and the Visual: Methodological Approaches to the Relationship Between Religious Art and Literature (1400–1700)”, ed. Ingrid Falque and Agnes Guiderdoni

With contributions from Ralph Dekoninck, Anna Dlabačová, Grégory Ems, Ingrid Falque, Agnès Guiderdoni, Walter S. Melion, Kees Schepers, Paul J. Smith, and Elliott D. Wise.

New Publication: “Revivals or Survival? Resurgences of the Icon from the 15th Century to the Present Day”, ed. Ralph Dekoninck and Ingrid Falque

With contributions by Till-Holger Borchert, Barbara Baert, Michele Bacci, Christopher Nygren, François Boespflug, Dimitra Kotoula, Jérôme Cottin, and Isabelle Saint-Martin

New Publication: ‘Imágenes de la liturgia medieval: Planteamientos teóricos, temas visuales y programas iconográficos’, by Ángel Pazos López

This book studies the world of images of medieval liturgical ceremonies, preserved mainly in the figurative programmes of more complex works of art (manuscripts, sacred artefacts, liturgical textiles, sculptures, etc.) from the methodological paradigms of art history and visual studies.

New Publication: ‘Eikón/Imago: Imago, ius, religio: Religious Images in Illustrated Legal Manuscripts and Printed Books (9th-20th Centuries)’, ed. Maria Alessandra Bilotta and Gianluca del Monaco

Some of the scientific results of the research conducted by the IUS ILLUMINATUM research team are published in the monographic issue.

New Publication: ‘Bringing the Holy Land Home: The Crusades, Chertsey Abbey, and the Reconstruction of a Medieval Masterpiece’, ed. by Amanda Luyster

Essays illuminate specific material contexts that similarly witness western Europe’s, and particularly England’s, engagement with the material culture of the eastern Mediterranean, including ceramics, textiles, relics and reliquaries, metalwork, coins, sculpture, and ivories.

New Publication: ‘Los animales en los Beatos. Representación, materialidad y retórica visual de su fauna apocalíptica (ca. 900-1248)’ by Nadia Mariana Consiglieri

Beatus illuminated manuscripts were mainly produced in the Iberian region but also in French and Italian territories between the 10th and 13th centuries when Beatus of Liébana’s Commentary on the Apocalypse was copied in monastic scriptoria. Depending on their origin and time, the versions of their animals were modified.

New Publication: ‘Inventing Late Antique Reliquaries. Reception, Material History, and Dynamics of Interaction (4th-6th Centuries CE)’ by Adrien Palladino

Tracing the medieval reliquary’s “pre-history”, this volume examines boxes bearing Christian images and patterns made between the fourth to the sixth century CE.