New issue of Gesta available online, and ICMA on social media

For those with JSTOR access, a new issue of the medieval art journal Gesta is available online: Also, follow the International Center for Medieval Art on Twitter and Facebook. Here follow the articles for this issue. Front Cover Gesta 2014, Vol. 53, No. 1: cover1.   Front Matter Gesta 2014, Vol. 53, No. 1: cover2-ii.Continue reading “New issue of Gesta available online, and ICMA on social media”

Journal: The Medieval Globe

Announcing The Medieval Globe. Connectivity~Communication~Exchange, a  new biannual academic journal. The Medieval Globe (TMG) is a peer-reviewed journal to be launched in 2014, published in both print and digital formats.  It is based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and sponsored by CARMEN, the Worldwide Medieval Network.  It is dedicated to exploring the modesContinue reading “Journal: The Medieval Globe”

Publication: Speculum, Vol. 89, issue 2 (April 2014)

Speculum, published quarterly since 1926, was the first scholarly journal in North America devoted exclusively to the Middle Ages, a period ranging from 500 to 1500. It is open to contributions in all fields studying this era. Its primary emphasis is on Western Europe, but Arabic, Byzantine, Hebrew, and Slavic studies are also included.  TheContinue reading “Publication: Speculum, Vol. 89, issue 2 (April 2014)”


Spike Bucklow, The Riddle of the Image: the Secret Science of Medieval Art. Reaktion Books, 2014. ISBN: 978-1780232942 Crusafont, M., Balaguer, A.M., Grierson, P., Medieval European Coinage: Volume 6, The Iberian Peninsula. Cambridge University Press, 2013. ISBN: 978-0521260145 Piana, M., and Carlsson, C., Archaeology and Architecture of the Military Orders: New Studies. Ashgate, 2014. ISBN: 9781472420534 Barbara Schedl, Der Plan von St. Gallen: EinContinue reading “Publications”

New Publications

Different Visions, Issue 4: Active Objects Different Visions: A Journal of New Perspectives on Medieval Art is pleased to announce the publication of its 2014 issue, entitled “Active Objects.” Arising out sessions at the 2012 International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, these five essays and one review examine the complex and responsive materialityContinue reading “New Publications”

Wiley Companion to the Mediterranean – Electronic Access

Wiley-Blackwell is offering unlimited concurrent electronic access to Peregrine Horden and Sharon Kinoshita’s A Companion to Mediterranean History for those institutions that purchase a hard copy for their library collection. For product details, see

IntgentaConnect: Newly Posted Content

Al Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, Vol.26 No.1 (2014) From Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean to Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean URL: Christie, N., Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Alexandria: Introduction PG: 3-4(2) URL: Frenkel, M., Medieval Alexandria Life in a Port City PG: 5-35(31) URL: Walker, P. E., Fatimid Alexandria as an Entrepot in theContinue reading “IntgentaConnect: Newly Posted Content”

Publication News: Commentari d’arte 52-53

Commentari d’arte, rivista di critica e storia dell’arte Anno XVIII, n. 52-53 – maggio-dicembre 2012 Contents: Carlo Loiacovo, “Commentari d’Arte”: una rivista aperta ai giovani p. 4 Articles:  Giacomo Guazzini, Il coro delle monache di San Pier Maggiore a Pistoia: funzione e percezione di un inedito ciclo decorativo di primo Trecento p. 5 Anna Sgarrella, Per unContinue reading “Publication News: Commentari d’arte 52-53”

Publication News: Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333

Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333 : A Study in Catastrophism, Guild Organisation, and Art Technology by Erling S. Skaug Giotto di Bondone was the key figure in the transition from medieval to modern in European painting. It is well known that he, on 12 April 1334, was appointed architect of the cathedral ofContinue reading “Publication News: Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333”

Publication News: New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics

This new publication brings together a range of leading scholars from around the world to discuss the most recent research in the field of Byzantine glass and mosaics in an interdisciplinary context – ranging from art history to physics and Byzantine studies. New Light on Old Glass explores how mosaics are perhaps the most outstanding examplesContinue reading “Publication News: New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics”