Call for Submissions: Authenticity Studies. International Journal of Archaeology and Art, Deadline 15 February 2021

Authenticity Studies-International Journal of Archaeology and Art is an international and independent journal, based on a peer review system and dedicated to the study of the methods of attribution and authentication of archaeological and art-historical artifacts.

Founded by Monica Salvadori (Editor in Chief), Federica Toniolo, Andrea Tomezzoli, Marta Nezzo, Monica Baggio and Luca Zamparo, Authenticity Studies is a journal of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padua and is published by Padova University Press. Authenticity Studies is an open access electronic journal (with ISSN). It is based on an anonymous and international double peer review system.

Authors submitting a contribution to Authenticity Studies guarantee the originality of their works, the intellectual property of the contribution and the absence of conflicts of interest or economic interests arising from the publication of the attribution/authentication. Authenticity Studies does not accept attribution or authentication researches of objects of uncertain or incorrectly reconstructed provenance (and/or ownership).

Authenticity Studies does not accept attributions or authentication of items offered for sale. Authenticity Studies publishes a yearly issue in October. Manuscripts must be sent to by February 15th, 2021. Publication is free of charge.

Info: (Managing Editor)

For more updates on Authenticity Studies see the link below:

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