New Publication: ‘A Companion to Late Medieval & Early Modern Siena’, edited by Santa Casciani & Heather Richardson Hayton

This multi-disciplinary book presents chapters by prominent scholars on the powerful commune that birthed a pope, sheltered saints, built banking institutions that have thrived for nearly 1000 years, and nurtured vibrant communities of artists and intellectuals.

New Publication: ‘The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange (Expanded Edition)’, edited by Therese Martin

The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange—expanded beyond the special issue of Medieval Encounters from which it was drawn—centers on the magnificent treasury of San Isidoro de León to address wider questions about the meanings of cross-cultural luxury goods in royal-ecclesiastical settings during the central Middle Ages.

New Publication: ‘Picturing Death 1200–1600’, edited by Stephen Perkinson & Noa Turel

Picturing Death: 1200–1600 explores the visual culture of mortality over the course of four centuries that witnessed a remarkable flourishing of imagery focused on the themes of death, dying, and the afterlife.

New Publication: The Lives and Afterlives of Medieval Iconography, Edited by Pamela A. Patton and Henry D. Schilb

What does the study of iconography entail for scholars active today? How does it intersect with the broad array of methodological and theoretical approaches now at the disposal of art historians? Should we still dare to use the term “iconography” to describe such work?

New Publication: The Monuments Man: Essays in Honour of Jerome Bertram, ed. Christian Steer

This Festschrift honours the late Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory and former Vice-President of the Monumental Brass Society, who admired, researched, lectured and wrote about monumental brasses and incised slabs for over fifty years.

New Publication: ‘The Rood in Medieval Britain & Ireland, c.800-c.1500’, Edited by Philippa Turner & Jane Hawkes

This volume brings together contributions offering a new perspective on the medieval rood – understood in its widest sense, as any kind of cross – within the context of Britain and Ireland, over a wide period of time which saw significant political and cultural change.

New Publication: ‘Tree of Jesse Iconography in Northern Europe in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries’ by Susan L. Green

This book is the first detailed investigation to focus on the late medieval use of Tree of Jesse imagery, traditionally a representation of the genealogical tree of Christ.

Online Book Launch: ‘The Illuminated World Chronicle: Tales from the Late Medieval City’ by Nina Rowe, 22 November 2020, 1pm (ET)

Join Fordham University for a conversation celebrating the publication of Nina Rowe’s new book, The Illuminated World Chronicle: Tales from the Late Medieval City (Yale UP, 2020).