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CFP: Second Fiddles in Medieval Rituals (Trondheim 20-22 September 2017)

hieronymus-bosch-the-ship-of-foolsCall for Papers Deadline  31 March 2017. 

International Conference

Second Fiddles in Medieval Rituals

Department for historical studies NTNU, Trondheim 20-22 September 2017

This conference addresses the role, status and performance of secondary actors in medieval rituals, thus enabling us to diversify and deepen our understanding of rituals in pre-modern societies. Although peripheral to the engineering and execution of rituals in a formal sense, the postures and actions of these ancillary players often made their participation vital for the success of the rituals’ primary agents. What roles did secondary actors play in medieval rituals and what were the deeper meanings ascribed to them? What relation did they have to central actors? Did they operate individually on their own volition or as representatives serving broader group interests? How freely could they maneuver within and influence the rituals in which they participated?

Although relegated to a subordinate tier within the formal hierarchy of ritual service, their role and status was not immutable. With every ritual came new opportunities for secondary actors to renegotiate the divisions of service. How and to what end did secondary actors alter their role, status and performance? Can we identify disruptions that challenged the hierarchies of ritual (coups, initiatives), and what was the meaning and purpose for restructuring ritual performances?

Above all, this conference seeks to trace the changing functions and performances of secondary actors over time and in relation to their evolving political and cultural contexts. In doing so, we will also explore the sources for reading medieval rituals, including codifications and narrative portrayals, and the manner in which these works’ authors depicted the role and status auxiliary ritual agents.  While these are some of the suggested avenues for exploration, contributors are invited to enrich the topic with related themes of their choosing.

We welcome proposals for relevant papers, to be presented in English and roughly 20 minutes in length.  Proposal should include the author’s name, affiliations and address, a brief author biography/CV and an abstract of roughly 500 words. All proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

Proposals should be submitted to david.bregaint@ntnu.no no later than 31 March 2017. Notification of acceptance will be given on 28 April 2017. It is the intention of the organizers to publish the conference proceedings.

Call for Papers: Law, Custom and Ritual in the Medieval Mediterranean (Lincoln, July 2015)

Call for Papers:
Law, Custom and Ritual in the Medieval Mediterranean
Fourth biennial conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean
University of Lincoln, 13-15 July 2015
Deadline: 18 October 2014

Alfonso X the wise (Spain)We are pleased to announce that the fourth biennial conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean will take place at the University of Lincoln from Monday 13th July to Wednesday 15thJuly 2015. The theme of the conference is “Law, Custom and Ritual in the Medieval Mediterranean” and the keynotes will be delivered by Professor Maribel Fierro (CSIC, Madrid: “Obedience to the ruler in the Medieval Islamic West: legal and historical perspectives”) and Dr Andrew Marsham (University of Edinburgh: “Rituals of accession in early Islam: a comparative perspective”). We welcome both individual papers and panel proposals (please, fill in this form). Those who are interested in presenting at the conference might consider the following sub-themes when putting together their abstracts (but are by no means limited to them):

  • Roman, Canon and municipal law in the medieval Mediterranean
  • Lawyers: their identities, status and practice
  • Disputes, dispute settlement
  • Legal agreements (e.g. charters, treaties)
  • Law codes and codification
  • Manuscripts of law codes, charters, etc.
  • Legal training in the medieval Mediterranean
  • Ritual sites and ritual objects
  • Law, treaties and rituals in visual and material culture
  • Trading and other contractual agreements
  • Oath-making and oath-breaking
  • Outlaws, criminals and rebels
  • Scribal practices and legal record-keeping

We are also interested in papers that propose to take a more openly theoretical look at law, ritual and custom in our period, digital humanities approaches to the topic, and would also consider proposals that discuss the (contemporary) teaching of law, ritual and custom in the medieval Mediterranean.

Abstract: We invite 200-300 word abstracts for individual 20 minute papers relating to the conference theme. Participants are also encouraged to submit proposals for sessions of 3 papers – in this case, the session proposer should collate the three abstracts and submit them together, indicating clearly in a covering letter/ email the rationale behind the planned session. Please, fill in this form.

Deadline: Abstracts for individual papers and proposals for sessions should be emailed to the conference email address smmconference2015@gmail.com by the end of the day on Saturday 18th October 2014.

Postgraduate student bursaries: We will offer up to 10 bursaries for MA and PhD students who are interested in presenting at the Conference. The bursaries, which will cover the Conference fees, will be assigned to those proposals which best fit the theme of the Conference.

Publication: Presenters will be invited to submit their papers for publication in the Society’s journal, Al Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean , published by Taylor and Francis. Previous conferences have resulted in the publication of special issues of the journal as well as individual articles.

Queries: Specific questions about the conference can be directed to the conference organisers, Dr Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo and Dr Jamie Wood at the conference email address smmconference2015@gmail.com.

Source: http://www.societymedievalmediterranean.com/conference-2015.php