New Publication: The Ancient Throne: The Mediterranean, Near East, and Beyond, from the 3rd Millennium BCE to the 14th Century CE, edited by L. Naeh and D. Brostowsky Gilboa

The volume features studies focusing on specific thrones known from historical texts, artistic depictions, or excavations, or that offer an overview of the role of thrones from as early as ancient Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BCE to as late as Iran and China in the 14th century CE.

Book roundup: Spring 2015

Here’s just five books we’ve seen have come out in 2015 that might be of interest to our readers. We’d always welcome a review of one if you have opinions: email us! Britain’s Medieval Episcopal Thrones by Charles Tracy with Andrew Budge (Oxbow Books) This book is the first major investigation of a subject ofContinue reading “Book roundup: Spring 2015”