Call for Submissions: Authenticity Studies. International Journal of Archaeology and Art, Deadline 15 February 2021

Authenticity Studies-International Journal of Archaeology and Art is an international and independent journal, based on a peer review system and dedicated to the study of the methods of attribution and authentication of archaeological and art-historical artifacts.

CFP: Recovering the Past (York N/EMICS), 2-3 June 2017

Recovering the past can be an arduous and treacherous task and modern scholars frequently find themselves indebted to those who have gone before them. This multi-disciplinary two-day conference sets out to celebrate and analyse the impact the work of previous generations has had on our understanding of the Medieval past. For example, from the mid-nineteenthContinue reading “CFP: Recovering the Past (York N/EMICS), 2-3 June 2017”