#MetGala In All Its Glory

We’ve now had a week to digest the photos, the fashion, and the inevitable memes of Met Gala 2018. Hopefully a week has been enough time to take in the weird, wonderful, and worshipful experience that was this year’s annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. Each year the gala’s theme is based onContinue reading “#MetGala In All Its Glory”

Nearness|Rift: Art and Time in the Textiles of Medieval Britain (16 April 2016)

Nearness | Rift: Art and Time in the Textiles of Medieval Britain will gather a multidisciplinary group of scholars to address a range of historiographical and methodological problems implicit in the study of textiles, and to discuss new case studies from medieval Britain. The colloquium will take place during the morning and afternoon of April 16,Continue reading “Nearness|Rift: Art and Time in the Textiles of Medieval Britain (16 April 2016)”

BAA Study Day: Opus Anglicanum (26 Nov 2015)

In the course of the later middle ages, embroiderers in England produced some of the masterpieces of the age. Incredibly detailed and painstakingly created their work was sumptuous and expensive. Often created as church vestments and commissioned by both ecclesiastical and secular patrons, the base textiles were embellished with gold and silver thread, a myriad of coloured silks,Continue reading “BAA Study Day: Opus Anglicanum (26 Nov 2015)”