Conference: FLAWS Medieval Research Conference, UCL

The London Medieval Graduate Network is pleased to announce that its annual conference will take place at UCL on 29th May 2014 with the theme of ‘Flaws.’ This inter-disciplinary conference examines how deliberate or mistaken defects, errors, limitations and imperfections have been perceived across the medieval period. Flaws are something all researchers have to dealContinue reading “Conference: FLAWS Medieval Research Conference, UCL”

Conference: Sensory Perception and the Medieval World, UCL

Participants will consider the ways in which we understand and interpret written, printed, and physical materials from the early medieval period. This is enhanced by the growing availability of digital resources which enhance the potential for visual perception while reducing the opportunity to use other senses for interpretation. At the same time, scholarship is becomingContinue reading “Conference: Sensory Perception and the Medieval World, UCL”