CFP: Pre-Modern Women as Artists, Patrons and Collectors, Association for Art History Annual Conference (14-17 April 2021), deadline 19 October 2020

We invite proposals for papers exploring the role of women as artists, patrons and collectors in the medieval and early modern periods, broadly defined (c.400–1700).

Call for Papers: The Virgin as Auctoritas: The Authority of the Virgin Mary and female moral–doctrinal authority in the Middle Ages (Session sponsored by ICMA), Association for Art History Annual Conference, deadline 19 October 2020

This session aims at exploring a fundamental issue: female authority through the lens of visual/material culture. It involves prominently the Virgin Mary – as well as figures of female authority in the medieval world – because in the late decades of the 20th century, feminist thinkers pointed at the ‘negative model’ offered by the Virgin Mary since for centuries she had been branded by the Catholic Church as a role model for modesty, submission and virginity.