Publication News: New Issue of Art History

The latest issue of Art History, Volume 37, Issue 1 Pages 4 – 199, February 2014, is available on Wiley Online Library. Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies (pages 4–7) Editorial (page 9) Gavin Parkinson Original Articles Ladies-in-Waiting in Waiting: Picturing Adolescence in Dmitry Levitsky’s Smolny Portraits, 1772–76(pages 10–37) Rosalind P. Blakesley The Motionless Look of a Painting: Jules Bastien-Lepage, Les Foins, andContinue reading “Publication News: New Issue of Art History”

New Publication: Patronage, Power and Agency in Medieval Art

COLUM HOURIHANE: Preface. ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN: Foreword. COLUM HOURIHANE: Introduction. JILL CASKEY: Medieval Patronage & Its Potentialities. JULIAN LUXFORD: The Construction of English Monastic Patronage. ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN: Imagined Patronage: The Bayeux Embroidery & Its Interpretive History. SHEILA BONDE; CLARK MAINES: The Heart of the Matter: Valois Patronage of the Charterhouse at Bourgfontaine. CLAUDINE LAUTIER:Continue reading “New Publication: Patronage, Power and Agency in Medieval Art”

New Publication: Nicolas Melvani, Late Byzantine Sculpture

This book provides a detailed description and interpretation of multiple aspects of sculpture from late Byzantine monuments. Although individual monuments of the late Byzantine period have been exhaustively published and analyzed, the role of their sculptural decoration is usually overlooked. Whereas architectural features and, especially, wall paintings are treated in full detail, sculpture is approachedContinue reading “New Publication: Nicolas Melvani, Late Byzantine Sculpture”

Publication News: New Issue of Al Masaq

Publication News: New Issue of Al Masaq. Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean The latest issue of Al Masaq is now available online, including articles by Ermioni Karachaliou on the Island of Aegina, Florin Curta on markets in Tenth-Century al-Andalus, Ulisse Cecini on Mark of Toledo’s Latin Quran translation, and Ana Echevarria on Islamic confraternities and funerary practices. Also reviewed in the journalContinue reading “Publication News: New Issue of Al Masaq”

Recent Speculum reviews of books on medieval art

New reviews in Speculum include those of: Christine Sciacca , ed., Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance: Painting and Illumination, 1300–1350. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2012. Sherry C. M. Lindquist , ed., The Meanings of Nudity in Medieval Art. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2012. Warwick Rodwell , The Archaeology of Churches. Stroud, UK: Amberley Publishing, 2012.Continue reading “Recent Speculum reviews of books on medieval art”