Call for Papers: Cistercian Worlds, Centre for for Medieval Studies, University of York (July 1-2 2021), deadline 31 January 2021

‘CISTERCIAN WORLDS’, a two-day conference scheduled for early July 2021, aims to offer a forum for researchers to build upon existing modes of scholarship and bring together discussions currently occurring across disciplines.

Conference: Choir stalls and their workshops (Greifswald, 23-26 June 2016)

Choir stalls were not only simple seating for the priests and monks. With their highly complex imaging systems they were also one of the most important and complex artistic tasks in medieval cathedrals, monastic churches, and even parishes. In recent years, research has focused primarily on iconographic research and formal and stylistic analysis, as hasContinue reading “Conference: Choir stalls and their workshops (Greifswald, 23-26 June 2016)”