Call for Papers: Cistercian Worlds, Centre for for Medieval Studies, University of York (July 1-2 2021), deadline 31 January 2021

Scholars have explained the success of the Cistercians materially through the perspectives of archaeology, architecture and art, and historians, theologians and literary scholars have analysed the achievements of Cistercian thought and spiritual practices. More recently, investigations have broadened the range of sources used (e.g. works of medicine and natural science, exempla collections), in addition to analysing this evidence using novel, paradigm-shifting approaches (history of emotions, neuroscience, queer theory).

‘CISTERCIAN WORLDS’, a two-day conference scheduled for early July 2021, aims to offer a forum for researchers to build upon existing modes of scholarship and bring together discussions currently occurring across disciplines. How did an initial shared world-view create many different Cistercian ‘worlds’? What were the boundaries – real or imagined – of these spheres? Who composed them? In which ways did they extend, shrink, overlap and evolve? What approaches can be used to study them?

As such, we are seeking proposals for papers that distil the latest interdisciplinary research on the medieval Cistercians (writ large) and place the study of the Order into conversation with currents and themes outside the cloister walls. Graduate students and early-career researchers are particularly encouraged to apply. Papers should look to showcase the evolving nature of Cistercian scholarship and the new directions that are now being taken.

The organisers are looking to publish the conference proceedings as a special edition. While this is not a guarantee of publication, successful participants should be aware that their research, pending the usual process of peer review, may be accepted.

The organisers are excited to announce our two keynote speakers: Professors Emilia Jamroziak and Constance Mews. The conference will also conclude with a roundtable discussion, with participants including Professors Emilia Jamroziak, Janet Burton, and Martha Newman.

How to Apply

Please send an abstract (no longer than 250 words) to Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow ( with details of your institutional affiliation (if any) and career stage. Deadline 31st January 2021.


Published by Roisin Astell

Roisin Astell received a First Class Honours in History of Art at the University of York (2014), under the supervision of Dr Emanuele Lugli. After spending a year learning French in Paris, Roisin then completed an MSt. in Medieval Studies at the University of Oxford (2016), where she was supervised by Professor Gervase Rosser and Professor Martin Kauffmann. In 2017, Roisin was awarded a CHASE AHRC studentship as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kent’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, under the supervision of Dr Emily Guerry.

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