New Resource: Census of Italian Renaissance Woodcuts

Please note the existence of a new resource, which has just gone live: The online Census of Italian Renaissance Woodcuts. The Census team have traced, studied and catalogued all single-leaf woodcuts and woodblocks made in Italy from the earliest known use of this medium to about 1550.

Virtual Church Crawls

Missing your regular fix of church crawls? We’ve assembled a list of 3D virtual tours and models of UK cathedrals for you to enjoy. Their quality varies hugely, but they’re a handy substitute for the real thing, even as places start to open up. Maybe those cathedral Twitter accounts can get competitive again, as theyContinue reading “Virtual Church Crawls”

Exhibition: The Ministry of Works collection: Photographs and images from the Conway Library

The Courtauld has created a new online exhibition of photos from the Conway library, including a set of extraordinary photos taken in the aftermath of WWII. Medievalists will find much of interest here, including this striking photo of Private William Scollie of Chicago examining art works in the Siegen caves near Cologne in April 1945.Continue reading “Exhibition: The Ministry of Works collection: Photographs and images from the Conway Library”

Online Resources: Les Enluminures

Les Enluminures, a gallery specializing in medieval illuminated manuscripts with locations in NYC, Chicago, and Paris, provides several digital resources for specialists, collectors, and the public alike to learn about medieval manuscripts. Here is a list of some of their online offerings: Podcasts Begun in 2019, here you can listen to untold stories of medievalContinue reading “Online Resources: Les Enluminures”

Online Resources: Teaching Art History

In light of our current global crisis, most of us are facing drastic changes to every area of our lives—including how we study art and interact with teachers, students, and colleagues. The International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) has pulled together a fantastic master list of online resources for art history academics and enthusiasts. BrowseContinue reading “Online Resources: Teaching Art History”

Resources: Medieval Art History Resource Facebook group

Join the community of medieval art historians/ architectural historians/archaeologists who are happy to help out one another in accessing each other’s libraries (electronic & paper). Need a chapter of a book that you can’t get your hands on? Post in the group and hopefully someone will have that very book sitting on their bookshelf.

New exhibition: Historic photos of Notre-Dame in Paris

In response to the devastating Notre-Dame fire in April 2019, the Courtauld has published an online exhibition featuring 19th- and early 20th-century images of the cathedral taken from the Courtauld’s Conway Library. Modern media gave the terrible fire at the cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris a shocking immediacy. We watched it live on 24-hour television,Continue reading “New exhibition: Historic photos of Notre-Dame in Paris”