Online Resources: Les Enluminures

Les Enluminures, a gallery specializing in medieval illuminated manuscripts with locations in NYC, Chicago, and Paris, provides several digital resources for specialists, collectors, and the public alike to learn about medieval manuscripts. Here is a list of some of their online offerings:

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Begun in 2019, here you can listen to untold stories of medieval and Renaissance artworks, medieval manuscripts and jewelry. Join us for illuminating lectures, gallery talks, recent research, and interviews with collectors and scholars. Les Enluminures podcasts transform the past into the present.
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This is the oldest digital initiative of Les Enluminures, launched not quite twenty years ago. The online site dedicated to the description and sale of text manuscripts first appeared in September 2002. It offers the largest and most wide-ranging inventory of text manuscripts currently on the market. Beginning with Text Manuscript 1 (TM1), manuscripts on the site number well over 1,000. The majority belong to college and university libraries worldwide, and many have been the subject of scholarly study – articles, books, colloquia, and so forth. Fulfilling a service to the larger manuscript community, Les Enluminures maintains an Archive in which all sold manuscripts remain online for citation and study. New items are posted bi-annually, in the Fall and in the Spring.

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Begun in 2015, this occasional blog highlights what makes our text manuscripts particularly interesting and appealing to us. Here we explore what these books disclose about how they were made and used. We also share what we know of their most fascinating and unusual contents, makers, and owners. Some of our discoveries are quite significant, some merely amusing, and some bizarre. Some blogs spill over into other areas of our inventory, like Books of Hours and miniatures. All medieval manuscripts have much to reveal to their attentive modern audiences.

To learn more about Les Enluminure’s resources, as well as to see their available artworks, please visit their website.


Published by ameliahyde

Amelia Roché Hyde holds an MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art, where she studied cross-cultural artistic traditions of medieval Spain, taking an in-depth look at the context and role of Spanish ivories within sacred spaces. Her favorite medieval art objects are ones that are meant to be handled and touched, and she has researched ivories, textiles, and illuminated manuscripts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The British Museum. Amelia is the Research Assistant at The Met Cloisters.

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