Book Roundup: Summer 2015

Postcards on Parchment The Social Lives of Medieval Books by Kathryn M. Rudy (Yale University Press) Medieval prayer books held not only the devotions and meditations of Christianity, but also housed, slipped between pages, sundry notes, reminders, and ephemera, such as pilgrims’ badges, sworn oaths, and small painted images. Many of these last items have been classifiedContinue reading “Book Roundup: Summer 2015”

Book roundup: Spring 2015

Here’s just five books we’ve seen have come out in 2015 that might be of interest to our readers. We’d always welcome a review of one if you have opinions: email us! Britain’s Medieval Episcopal Thrones by Charles Tracy with Andrew Budge (Oxbow Books) This book is the first major investigation of a subject ofContinue reading “Book roundup: Spring 2015”

IntgentaConnect: Newly Posted Content

Al Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, Vol.26 No.1 (2014) From Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean to Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean URL: Christie, N., Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Alexandria: Introduction PG: 3-4(2) URL: Frenkel, M., Medieval Alexandria Life in a Port City PG: 5-35(31) URL: Walker, P. E., Fatimid Alexandria as an Entrepot in theContinue reading “IntgentaConnect: Newly Posted Content”

Publication News: Commentari d’arte 52-53

Commentari d’arte, rivista di critica e storia dell’arte Anno XVIII, n. 52-53 – maggio-dicembre 2012 Contents: Carlo Loiacovo, “Commentari d’Arte”: una rivista aperta ai giovani p. 4 Articles:  Giacomo Guazzini, Il coro delle monache di San Pier Maggiore a Pistoia: funzione e percezione di un inedito ciclo decorativo di primo Trecento p. 5 Anna Sgarrella, Per unContinue reading “Publication News: Commentari d’arte 52-53”

Publication News: Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333

Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333 : A Study in Catastrophism, Guild Organisation, and Art Technology by Erling S. Skaug Giotto di Bondone was the key figure in the transition from medieval to modern in European painting. It is well known that he, on 12 April 1334, was appointed architect of the cathedral ofContinue reading “Publication News: Giotto and the Flood of Florence in 1333”

Publication News: New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics

This new publication brings together a range of leading scholars from around the world to discuss the most recent research in the field of Byzantine glass and mosaics in an interdisciplinary context – ranging from art history to physics and Byzantine studies. New Light on Old Glass explores how mosaics are perhaps the most outstanding examplesContinue reading “Publication News: New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics”

Publication News: Joanna Cannon, Religious Poverty, Visual Riches.

Religious Poverty, Visual Riches. Art in the Dominican Churches of Central Italy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries by Joanna Cannon The Dominican friars of late-medieval Italy were committed to a life of poverty, yet their churches contained many visual riches, as this groundbreaking study reveals. Works by supreme practitioners—Cimabue, Duccio, Giotto, and Simone Martini—areContinue reading “Publication News: Joanna Cannon, Religious Poverty, Visual Riches.”

Publication News: New Issue of Art History

The latest issue of Art History, Volume 37, Issue 1 Pages 4 – 199, February 2014, is available on Wiley Online Library. Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies (pages 4–7) Editorial (page 9) Gavin Parkinson Original Articles Ladies-in-Waiting in Waiting: Picturing Adolescence in Dmitry Levitsky’s Smolny Portraits, 1772–76(pages 10–37) Rosalind P. Blakesley The Motionless Look of a Painting: Jules Bastien-Lepage, Les Foins, andContinue reading “Publication News: New Issue of Art History”

New Publication: Patronage, Power and Agency in Medieval Art

COLUM HOURIHANE: Preface. ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN: Foreword. COLUM HOURIHANE: Introduction. JILL CASKEY: Medieval Patronage & Its Potentialities. JULIAN LUXFORD: The Construction of English Monastic Patronage. ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN: Imagined Patronage: The Bayeux Embroidery & Its Interpretive History. SHEILA BONDE; CLARK MAINES: The Heart of the Matter: Valois Patronage of the Charterhouse at Bourgfontaine. CLAUDINE LAUTIER:Continue reading “New Publication: Patronage, Power and Agency in Medieval Art”

New Publication: Nicolas Melvani, Late Byzantine Sculpture

This book provides a detailed description and interpretation of multiple aspects of sculpture from late Byzantine monuments. Although individual monuments of the late Byzantine period have been exhaustively published and analyzed, the role of their sculptural decoration is usually overlooked. Whereas architectural features and, especially, wall paintings are treated in full detail, sculpture is approachedContinue reading “New Publication: Nicolas Melvani, Late Byzantine Sculpture”