Call for papers: [International Conference – Deadline 15.02.2018] – Rereading Hebrew Scripture: Old Testament Cycles in Medieval Wall Painting

16-18 October 2018 University of Milan The Chair of History of Medieval Art, Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment, University of Milan, organises an International Conference concerning the Old Testament narrative in medieval wall painting. Four thematic sessions are scheduled, calling for 20 minutes Papers to be presented in Italian/English/French.

CfP: Painted on the wall:  the wall as a visual panel in the Middle Ages

The 11th Complutese Congress on Medieval Art aims to think about the visual function of medieval painted walls, taking into account that they were probably the best mass media in their context. It will pay attention to the following topics: iconography, techniques, forms and expressive resources, socio-cultural context, preservation and the museum exhibition system. ThereContinue reading “CfP: Painted on the wall:  the wall as a visual panel in the Middle Ages”

News: 13th century paintings discovered at Poitiers Cathedral

Some thirteenth century wall paintings of exceptional quality were discovered at Poitiers Cathedral earlier this year. Measuring 900 square metres, these murals were covered by whitewash in the eighteenth century. You can read more here at France Bleu and watch a video here at la Nouvelle Republique Best wishes for your winter holidays from all at Medieval  Art Research!

Neue Forschungen zur Wandmalerei des Mittelalters (Paderborn, 10 June 2015)

Wandmalereien gehören zu den aussagekräftigsten, aber auch fragilsten und fernsten Gegenständen unter den künstlerischen Hinterlassenschaften des Mittelalters. Von der Aufnahme von Befunden über die Dokumentation bis zur Deutung und Kontextualisierung stellt die Wandmalerei die Forschung vor besonders schwierige Aufgaben. Wo die Kunst des Mittelalters diskutiert wird – sei es in wissenschaftlichen und politischen Foren, imContinue reading “Neue Forschungen zur Wandmalerei des Mittelalters (Paderborn, 10 June 2015)”

Newly revealed Tudor wall paintings now on view in Welsh church

The first stage of revealing the magnificent wall paintings at Llancarfan church in the Vale of Glamorgan is complete, and for the first time these important discoveries are available for viewing by the general public. A video showing these discoveries is available from the BBC. Discovered only in 2007, these paintings have been painstakingly uncoveredContinue reading “Newly revealed Tudor wall paintings now on view in Welsh church”