Newly revealed Tudor wall paintings now on view in Welsh church

The first stage of revealing the magnificent wall paintings at Llancarfan church in the Vale of Glamorgan is complete, and for the first time these important discoveries are available for viewing by the general public. A video showing these discoveries is available from the BBC. Discovered only in 2007, these paintings have been painstakingly uncoveredContinue reading “Newly revealed Tudor wall paintings now on view in Welsh church”

Television review: Tudor Monastery Farm

Currently airing on BBC Two is Tudor Monastery Farm, a rather gentle, post-reality-era bit of television, continuing the popular franchise of Victorian, Edwardian and Wartime Farm. Although a little guilty of choosing the National Curriculum-friendly “Tudor” label over “Medieval” (admittedly however, Late Middle Ages Farm or Circa Fifteen-Hundred Farm lack a certain marketability), it remainsContinue reading “Television review: Tudor Monastery Farm”