Online Conference: ‘Macrocosms and Microcosms from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages’, University of Cambridge, 24-26 September 2021

Papers and discussion will focus on the ways in which ancient modes and traditions of representation were transformed and retooled as the rise of Christianity necessitated new ways of conceptualising and visualising the place of man in the universe.

Conference: What Does Animation Mean in the Middle Ages?, the A. Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Poland and the University of Bergen, Norway, 16-19 September 2021

The conference will run in a hybrid form.

Call for Participants: Studying East of Byzantium VIII: Material Culture (Deadline 13 September 2021)

The three-part workshop intends to bring together doctoral students studying the Christian East to reflect on how to study the material world of the Christian East, to share methodologies, and to discuss their research with workshop respondents

Registration Now Open: Communities and Networks in Late Medieval Europe, International Virtual Conference, 9-10 September 2021

Communities and Networks in Late Medieval Europe aims to build on and contribute to this expanding field of research by exploring how the descriptive, conceptual, and methodological tools provided by the study of networks can deepen our understanding of the complex sets of relationships between and within different types of communities in the specific context of the last two centuries of the European Middle Ages.

Symposium: ‘The Medieval Wall Paintings at St. Mary’s, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire’, 16 October 2021, 10am–5pm (BST)

This day-long event will provide attendees with the unique opportunity to hear new information concerning the medieval wall paintings at Chalgrove Church in the presence of the paintings themselves. Aspects of the scheme’s content, dating, patronage, and connection to contemporary works will be explored by notable scholars.

Online Conference: Romanesque and the Year 1000 Online Conference, British Archaeological Association and Dommuseum Hildesheim, 7-10 September 2021

The British Archaeological Association will hold the sixth in its biennial International Romanesque conference series as an online Zoom webinar from 7- 10 September 2021.

Online Conference: ‘The Romanesque Picture Door of St Maria im Kapitol – New Research Results and Theses’, 21-23 October 2021

he conference is sponsored by the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences and the Institut für Restaurierungs- und Konservierungswissenschaft.

Online Conference: Amassing Perspectives: Recent Trends in Syriac Iconography (Princeton University, 17-18 September 2021)

Registration is open for Amassing Perspectives: Recent Trends in Syriac Iconography, a virtual conference on medieval Syriac iconography and visual culture.