New Publication: ‘Visual Translation: Illuminated Manuscripts and the First French Humanists’ by Anne D. Hedeman, Notre Dame Press

With over 180 color images, this major reference book will appeal to students and scholars of French, comparative literature, art history, history of the book, and translation studies.

New Publication: ‘How Do Images Work? Strategies of Visual Communication in Medieval Art’, ed. by Christine Beier, Tim Juckes and Assaf Pinkus

This anthology examines the workings of historical imagery in fourteen essays, offering fresh perspectives from leading researchers on a wide range of medieval and early modern artworks in a similarly wide range of functional contexts.

New Publication: Experiencing the Last Judgement, by Niamh Bhalla

Experiencing the Last Judgement opens up new ways of understanding a Byzantine image type that has hitherto been considered largely uniform in its manifestations and to a great extent frightening, coercive and paralysing. It moves beyond a purely didactic understanding of the Byzantine image of the Last Judgement, as a visual eschatological text to beContinue reading “New Publication: Experiencing the Last Judgement, by Niamh Bhalla”


Online Publication: ‘Towards an Art History of the Parish Church, 1200-1399’, edited by Meg Bernstein

The ten diverse essays contained within this open-access volume explore the art and architecture of parish churches through a variety of lenses, methodologies, and perspectives, ranging from (re)considerations of the very definition of the parish church to phenomenological explorations of their component parts, as well as case studies of their decorative schemes.

New Publication: ‘The Absent Image: Lacunae in Medieval Books’ by Elina Gertsman

Elina Gertsman argues that Gothic art, in its attempts to grapple with the unrepresentability of the invisible, actively engages emptiness, voids, gaps, holes, and erasures.

New Publication: Color in Cusanus, by Jeffrey F. Hamburger

Jeffrey F. Hamburger is the Kuno Francke Professor of German Art & Culture at Harvard University and an internationally renowned expert on sacred art of the high and late Middle Ages, in particular on the function of images in theology, mysticism and piety, as well as for manuscript illumination.

New Publication: Tributes to Richard K. Emmerson: Crossing Medieval Disciplines, edited by Deirdre Carter, Elina Gertsman, and Karlyn Griffith

Honoring the scholarship of Richard K. Emmerson, this collection interrogates the concept of interdisciplinarity through a set of essays that traverse the traditional boundaries of various fields in medieval studies.

New Publication: Monumental Sounds: Art and Listening Before Dante by Matthew G. Shoaf

Hearing is a far-reaching concern, to judge by printed and online efforts to improve it in business, law, medicine, higher education, and other areas. American democracy itself has been jeopardized by failures to listen, some have recently argued. Centuries ago, when anxieties ran high about people not hearing what they were ‘supposed’ to hear, remediesContinue reading “New Publication: Monumental Sounds: Art and Listening Before Dante by Matthew G. Shoaf”