Conference: Sevilla, 1514. Arquitectos Tardogóticos en la encrucijada (Seville, November 2014)

International Conference. Sevilla 1514: Arquitectos Tardogóticos en la en la encrucijada
Seville, Salón de Actos de la Casa de la Provincia
12-15 November 2014

Cartel Congreso Sevilla

After the I International Conference Arquitectura tardogótica en la Corona de Castilla held in Santander in 2010, the II International Conference Sevilla, 1514: Arquitectos Tardogóticos en la encrucijada, aims to serve as a forum for discussion on the latest research developed in this thematic area in an international context.

The conference will be celebrated as a joint activity between the Cathedral of Seville and the Universities of Cantabria, Seville, Lisbon (Portugal) and Palermo (Italy) and will be held in the city of Seville during the month of November 2014, with a duration of four days distributed into scientific sessions and guided visits. The scientific sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • Magister: Biographies and trajectories of the Late Gothic master builders.
  • The role of promoters and patrons.
  • 1514 as a milestone: the Late Gothic period and the “Franciscan, German and Moorish skeins”.
  • The councils of master builders in the Late Gothic period.
  • Science, technique and archaeology.
  • Engravings, treatise and microarchitectures

Registration is now open.

The full programme can be viewed here: Late Gothic Conference programme – Seville
For more information, please visit the following website: or send an email to:

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