Lectures: Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar, Oxford

Trinity Term 2014, Thursdays 11-12:30
St John’s College, New Seminar Room

images1 May   Prof. Wolfgang Hahn (University of Vienna; OCBR Visiting Professor), Some remarks on the Byzantine issues of the Roman mint during the 8th century
8 May   Prof. Andrew Wilson (All Souls), The nymphs and palms of late Roman Aphrodisias
15 May  Dr. Anne McCabe (CSAD), Equestrian sports in and near the Great Palace at Constantinople:  Part 1
22 May  Agnieszka Lic (St Cross),   The mosque at Sobata/Shivta in the Negev in the context of Muslim-Christian relations in Bilad al-Sham in the early Islamic period.
29 May  Dr Simon Davies, From statue to ‘relief icon’: transition in medieval Byzantine sculpture
5 June  Prof. Elizabeta Dimitrova (Skopje), Art and ritual in the sacred images of Macedonia paleocristiana: mosaics, frescoes, relief decoration
12 June Prof. Cyril Mango (Exeter), Equestrian sports in and near the Great Palace at Constantinople:  Part 2
19 June Dr. Jeffrey Featherstone (Corpus) and Dr. Philipp Niewöhner (Brasenose), The topography of  the Great Palace and the iconography of the Walker Trust Mosaics at Constantinople

Conveners:  Dr. Marlia Mango (St John’s) and Philipp Niewöhner (Brasenose)


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