Replacement speaker: English and Scottish Art Patronage in Late Medieval France

A replacement speaker is sought for the following panel at Leeds
International Medieval Congress this July:

“English and Scottish Art Patronage in Late Medieval France: Book
Illumination in Times of War” (July 8, 9am-10.30am)

Late Medieval book production was characterised by a high degree of
cultural and artistic exchange between England, Scotland, and the
Continent, due to numerous military conflicts as well as economic,
ecclesiastical, dynastic, and diplomatic links. Patrons and artists
travelled a great deal across the Channel, contributing to the transfer
of ideas, style, and content, as well as devotional and liturgical
practice. Illuminated books served diverse purposes, from diplomatic
gifts and the representation of political ideas, to means of private
devotion and liturgy.

Papers for this session can focus on the production and use of these
books as well as their makers and patrons. Attention can be given to
the reciprocal transfer of stylistic, iconographic, and liturgical
orientation and influences, in the political context.

Abstracts for suggested twenty-minute papers should be submitted before
the 18 April to Julia Crispin ( and Alex
Collins (

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