Exhibition: Les Enluminures (New York & Paris)

Vernacular-1This exhibition will seek to reveal a “new” history of medieval French literature by presenting a group of 15 very rare, previously unpublished, mostly illuminated manuscripts written in French between c. 1300 and c. 1550. The manuscripts encompass a wide variety of subjects ranging from literature and science, philosophy and theology, to history and government.

Of special interest will be a section within the exhibition devoted to the often overlooked but critically important role played by French medieval women in advancing the “mother tongue”.  As authors, subjects, patrons, and collectors, French women like the 16th- century patron and poet Catherine d’Amboise were important champions of the vernacular. Their advocacy helped ensure that French would overtake Latin in less than two centuries to become the national language of literature.

The exhibition will be on view at Les Enluminures New York, from April 2- 26, and Les Enluminures Paris, from May 13May 20. The INHA Paris Colloquium will take place on May 17.

For more information, please visit. http://www.lesenluminures.com/expodetail.php?cat=coming&expoid=47&


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