CFP: Art Out of Time, deadline 30 April 2014

Art Out Of Time invites academics, curators and artists to challenge periodization anxiety apparent in the recent trend for inviting contemporary artists into museums to create interventions in early modern displays; or for juxtaposing medieval and modern art in current publications. This symposium starts from questions as to whether distinctions between pre-, early-, and post- modern are disciplinary fictions, what exactly is gained and what is lost in this dialogue—or clash—between old and new objects, and if museums perhaps want to get rid of a ‘stuffy’ reputation to take on some of the lustre and prestige of contemporary art.  Speakers include Whitney Davis, Karen Lang, Tamar Garb, Ian Kiaer, Amy Powell, Elizabeth Price, and Alexander Sturgis.

We invite abstracts for presentations in one of the four workshops organized around specific themes (see below). Selected papers will be included in the conference publication.

Please send a 300-word abstract, a short cv, and an indication in which workshop you would like to participate to  Deadline: April 30, 2014.  For more info:


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