New Publication: Patronage, Power and Agency in Medieval Art

patronage-power-263x330COLUM HOURIHANE: Preface.
COLUM HOURIHANE: Introduction.
JILL CASKEY: Medieval Patronage & Its Potentialities.
JULIAN LUXFORD: The Construction of English Monastic Patronage.
ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN: Imagined Patronage: The Bayeux Embroidery & Its Interpretive History.
SHEILA BONDE; CLARK MAINES: The Heart of the Matter: Valois Patronage of the Charterhouse at Bourgfontaine.
CLAUDINE LAUTIER: The Canons of Chartes: Their Patronage and Representation in the Stained Glass Cathedral.
ANNE DERBES: Patronage, Gender & Generation in Late Medieval Italy: Fina Buzzacarini and the Baptistery of Padua.
BENJAMIN ZWEIG: Picturing the Fallen King: Royal Patronage & the Image of Saul’s Suicide.
NIGEL MORGAN: What are they Saying? Patrons & Their Text Scrolls in Fifteenth-Century English Art.
ROBIN CORMACK: ‘Faceless Icons’: The Problems of Patronage in Byzantine Art.
CORINE SCHLEIF: Seeking Patronage: Patrons & Motions in Language, Art, and Historiography.
ADELAIDE BENNETT: Issues of Female Patronage: French Books of Hours, 1220-1320.
STEPHEN PERKINSON: Portraits & Their Patrons: Reconsidering Agency in late Medieval Art.
LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER: The Bohun Women & Manuscript Patronage in Fourteenth-Century England.
ADEN KUMLER: The Patron-Function

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