Call for Papers: VIII Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval. Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England, Artistic Confluences Around 1200 (Madrid 2014)

Call for Papers
VIII Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval. Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England, Artistic Confluences Around 1200.
Madrid, Faculty of Geography and History (University Complutense of Madrid) – Casa de Velázquez, November 12-14, 2014
Deadline: 25 May 2014

October 6, 1214. The Castilian monarch, Alfonso VIII, died on his way to Plasencia. Before the month had ended, his wife Eleanor Plantagenet followed him in the monastery of Las Huelgas in Burgos. To celebrate the eight-hundredth anniversary of their passing, the UCM’s Department of History of Art I (Medieval) organises the VIII edition of their International Seminar-Complutense Conference in Medieval Art (12-14 November 2014), under the title “Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England, Artistic Confluences Around 1200”

There are four scheduled sessions:

Session I: Alfonso VIII, culture and image of a Kingdom
This first session will explore the memory of the Castilian royal family and its repercussions on cultural and artistic manifestations linked to the regal environment. It will accommodate contributions related to the figure of the monarch and his lineage, his image, or his role as an artistic patron.

Session II: Eleanor of England, women’s artistic patronage
Starting with the figure of Eleanor as queen and patroness of the arts, we suggest a reflection on the role of women in the field of artistic promotion, both in regal and aristocratic spheres.

Session III: Artists, workshops and exchanges
During Alfonso VIII’s time, figurative arts experimented a deep transformation encouraged by workshops and artists’ mobility, sharing knowledge and using the same solutions in often distant territories. The third session will address all figurative artistic expressions during this long reign (1158-1214).

Session IV: Peninsular architecture around 1200, changes and international connections
Alfonso VIII and Eleanor of England’s reign coincided with a time of change in the religious architecture of the Peninsular kingdoms, both Christian and Muslim. New liturgical necessities, together with artistic exchanges within the Hispanic and European territories, had an impact on the renovation of the Spanish monumental landscape.

Invited speakers: Martin Aurell (CESCM-Université de Poitiers), Claude Andrault-Schmitt (CESCM-Université de Poitiers), Isidro Bango Torviso (UAM), Gerardo Boto Varela (Universitat de Girona), Susana Calvo Capilla (UCM), Eduardo Carrero Santamaría (UAB), Therese Martin (CCHS, CSIC), Javier Martínez de Aguirre (UCM), Dulce Ocón Alonso (Universidad del País Vasco), Olga Pérez Monzón (UCM), Marta Poza Yagüe (UCM), Ana María Rodríguez López (CCHS, CSIC), and Marta Serrano Coll (Universitat Rovira i Virgili).

Paper proposals of about 1000 words -including a brief CV- may be submitted in English, Spanish or French. Only those papers presenting new research or critical contributions will be considered. They must fit within the themes of the above sessions. Proposals should be sent to the email address by May 25, 2014. After evaluation, the scientific committee will inform the authors of their acceptance on June 20, 2014. As with previous editions of the Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval, the proceedings of the congress are planned to be published.

For more information, please visit the following website:


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