Publication: Speculum, Vol. 89, issue 2 (April 2014)

Speculum, published quarterly since 1926, was the first scholarly journal in North America devoted exclusively to the Middle Ages, a period ranging from 500 to 1500. It is open to contributions in all fields studying this era. Its primary emphasis is on Western Europe, but Arabic, Byzantine, Hebrew, and Slavic studies are also included.  TheContinue reading “Publication: Speculum, Vol. 89, issue 2 (April 2014)”

New Issue of Speculum

Publication News: New Issue of Speculum The latest issue of Speculum is now available online, including articles by Christian C. Sahner on translation and history in Orosius and Augustine, Lisa Perfetti on the eroticizing poetics of medieval French crusaders, Andrew G. Miller on equestrian mutilation and masculinity in medieval England, Filip Van Tricht on Robert of Courtenay’s rule asContinue reading “New Issue of Speculum”