Online Course: ‘Manuscripts in Arabic Script: Introduction to Codicology’, Aga Khan University, 15–16 November 2021

This online course aims to introduce key concepts in the field of Arabic manuscripts and codicology. It is designed to attract participants who want to learn basic knowledge about Arabic manuscripts.

Online Course: ‘Warfare in Muslim Material Cultures: From Egypt to Bilad al-Sham’, 22-29 November 2021, The Aga Khan University

The course presents Muslim material cultures in a very specific context: warfare in the Middle East and Egypt during the Medieval and Modern Ages. Most of the arms and armour which will be presented during the course are from the Royal Armouries’ collections, from some of its most well-known treasures to objects rarely made available for public view.

Online Course: Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa with Aga Khan University, 21 and 28 May 2021, 13:30 – 16:30 (GMT)

This short course provides the basis for understanding and critically examining the development of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. It approaches architecture through building materials and African construction techniques, from earthen monuments to coral stone buildings.

Online Course: Introduction to Arabic Manuscript Studies, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML), (May 31–June 11, 2021), deadline 19 March 2021

This two-week introductory course is open to graduate students, advanced undergraduates, faculty, and independent scholars with a research interest in Arabic manuscripts.

Online Course: Manuscripts in Arabic Script: Introduction to Codicology with Aga Khan University, 23-24 April 2021, 11:00 -15:00 (GMT)

This online course with Aga Khan University (2 days) aims to introduce Arabic manuscripts from a codicological and textual point of view.

Online Course: London Art History Society presents – Early Christian Rome with John McNeill, 11 – 25 November 2020

This online study event is arranged as three one-hour lectures, which respectively discuss the emergence of Christian imagery in the catacombs between c.250 and c.400 AD, the development of ecclesiastical building types such as basilicas, baptisteries and martyria, and the birth of Christian narrative art.

Online Course: Los manuscritos iluminados: historia, producción y descripción, 21 September – 2 October 2020

Please note that this course will be in Spanish. Illuminated Manuscripts: History, Production and identification. The course is designed as an introductory to the study of Illuminated Manuscripts from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. The relationship between text and image(s), the history of manuscripts production or the materials and techniques used by scribes and illuminatorsContinue reading “Online Course: Los manuscritos iluminados: historia, producción y descripción, 21 September – 2 October 2020”

Online Course: How Images Mean: An Introduction to Iconographic Theory, 27-31 July 2020

Course tutor: Paul Taylor (Curator, Warburg Institute Photographic Collection)  Ever since Gombrich’s Art and Illusion and Goodman’s Languages of Art, the theory of images has been a lively and growing subject. And yet in all the many publications in the field, only a handful mention an approach which has been important in art history for centuries – iconography,Continue reading “Online Course: How Images Mean: An Introduction to Iconographic Theory, 27-31 July 2020”

Free Online Course: The Book of Kells, Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is offering a new online course started 8 October. This course is intended for any and all interested in the history, crafting, and enduring legacy of one of the world’s most famous medieval manuscripts. The Book of Kells manuscript, housed at Trinity College Dublin is world famous – it attracts almost one millionContinue reading “Free Online Course: The Book of Kells, Trinity College Dublin”