Symposium: Modelling Medieval Vaults

The use of digital surveying and analysis techniques, such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, 3D reconstructions or reverse engineering offers the opportunity to re-examine historic architecture. Digital analysis has enabled new research into design processes, construction methods, structural engineering, building archaeology and relationships between buildings. Recent research on Continental European and Central American architecture has established the significance of these techniques, however, as yet thereContinue reading “Symposium: Modelling Medieval Vaults”

Call for Participants: Summer Intensive Course ‘Luminosus Limes’ (Budapest 2014)

Call for Participants: Summer Intensive Course  – Luminosus Limes: Geographical, Ethnic, Social and Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity Central European University, Budapest, 7-12  July, 2014 Deadline: 14 February, 2014 What is a frontier? Does it serve to separate or to link countries, peoples, classes, ideas?   Frontiers have become increasingly significant in the study ofContinue reading “Call for Participants: Summer Intensive Course ‘Luminosus Limes’ (Budapest 2014)”