Call for Participation: Graduate Lightning Talks, 2nd Annual Symposium, New York City via Zoom and in person, 6 May 2023 (Deadline: 15 March, 2023)

The Consortium Medievalists invite participation from graduate students in all disciplines for a series of lightning talks, which will take place during our forthcoming second annual symposium, “Sensory Experience Across Medieval Communities.” This symposium aims to explore fresh approaches to the “sensory turn” in studies of the Global Middle Ages. How does sensory experience connect cultures and communities across space and time? In what ways were specific cultures and communities sensorily engaged? This broad exploration of the senses supports a variety of methodologies and perspectives. We are honored to announce that Professor Avinoam Shalem (Art History, Columbia) will be the keynote speaker.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• theories of sense perception in various cultures during the Global Middle Ages

• corporeal vs spiritual senses

• multisensory experience in religious practices and ritual

• the relationship between the senses and constructs of gender, class, race, and ethnicity

• medical, theological, and philosophical understandings of the senses

• the role of the senses in inter-cultural encounters

• affect theory, new-materialism, and environmental humanities

We invite submissions for five- to eight-minute short talks. These presentations may be informal discussions of research-in-progress or more formal analyses. Although there is no requirement, slides and other sensory media may be included. Submissions are welcome from but not limited to the following fields: African Studies, Architecture, Art History, Book History, Disability Studies, East Asian Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, History, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Judaic and Hebrew Studies, Languages and Literatures, Law, Manuscript Studies, Musicology, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Talks focused on non-European regions and cultures in the Global Middle Ages are encouraged. 

The Consortium Medievalists are a collection of 120+ Ph.D. and M.A. scholars from the New York City-area inter-doctoral consortium (Columbia, CUNY Graduate Center, NYU, Princeton, Rutgers, The New School, and Stony Brook) as well as Hunter and Yale. This year’s symposium will take place in person at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan and via Zoom. 

To apply to participate, either in person or virtually, send a short abstract (150-200 words) through the link above by March 15th, 2023.For further information or questions, please contact The Consortium Medievalists at Also, you may find us online at


One thought on “Call for Participation: Graduate Lightning Talks, 2nd Annual Symposium, New York City via Zoom and in person, 6 May 2023 (Deadline: 15 March, 2023)

  1. Please advise when I can register. I’m on your mailing list. Thank you

    Forever in Letters,

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