New Publication: Lexique des stalles médiévales / Lexicon of Medieval Choir Stalls, by F. Billiet and E. C. Block

This lexicon is an indispensable tool long awaited by researchers and students so they may better conduct and exchange the results of their research. It is also a guide for all those interested in choir stalls who wish to learn more about the ensembles whose significance still remains complex and mysterious. As well as an introduction that includes articles on the history and function of medieval choirstalls, the lexicon provides illustrated multilingual definitions of the elements used in the construction and decoration of the stalls. As with the illustrated bibles of the Middle Ages, this book includes the most beautiful of the works of art which decorate the medieval choir stalls in thirteen Catholic countries of Europe.

Ce lexique est l’outil indispensable attendu par les chercheurs et les étudiants pour mieux partager les résultats de leurs recherches sur les stalles médiévales. C’est aussi un guide pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent aux stalles et qui cherchent à mieux s’orienter dans les ensembles dont le déchiffrement reste encore complexe et problématique. Après une introduction comprenant des articles sur l’histoire et la fonction des stalles, le lexique présente des définitions illustrées et la traduction des termes spécifi ques aux supports sculptés dans les stalles de choeur. Comme les bibles figurées du Moyen Âge, ce livre montre les plus belles images qui ornent les stalles dans treize pays en Europe.

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Published by Roisin Astell

Roisin Astell received a First Class Honours in History of Art at the University of York (2014), under the supervision of Dr Emanuele Lugli. After spending a year learning French in Paris, Roisin then completed an MSt. in Medieval Studies at the University of Oxford (2016), where she was supervised by Professor Gervase Rosser and Professor Martin Kauffmann. In 2017, Roisin was awarded a CHASE AHRC studentship as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kent’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, under the supervision of Dr Emily Guerry.

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