Exhibition: The Moving Word (Cambridge University Library)

Running until 17 April 2014, in the Milstein Exhibition Centre, Monday to Friday 09.00–18.00, Saturday 09.00–16.30 (Sunday closed). Admission free.manpic3

The Moving Word: French Medieval Manuscripts in Cambridge looks at the enormous cultural and historic impact of the French language upon life in England, Europe, the Middle East and beyond at a time when French – like Latin before it and English today – was the global language of culture, commerce and politics.

The exhibition, curated by Bill Burgwinkle and Nicola Morato, is part of a wider AHRC-funded research project looking at the question of how knowledge travelled in manuscript form through the continent and into the Eastern Mediterranean world, freely crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries at a time when France was a much smaller political entity than it is today.

– See more at: http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/conquering-a-continent-how-the-french-language-circulated-in-britain-and-medieval-europe#sthash.XaG3t8hj.knVHip0u.dpuf

For more information, see the exhibition website.

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