Bard Graduate Center: The Material Text in Pre-Modern and Early Modern Europe


Upcoming symposium at the Bard Graduate Center (BGC) that might be of interest, The Material Text in Pre-Modern and Early Modern Europe, to take place on March 5. This symposium will consider inscribed texts from antiquity to the modern period with the aim of articulating shared problems or issues related to materiality, legibility, and literacy and forging connections between readership in different cultures and contexts. In three sessions, scholars from the BGC, Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, and Brooklyn College will consider the problematic of the “speaking object,” from Greek vases to early modern dinnerware, visual and conceptual reactions to pages and books, and the material and visual properties of inscriptions in the ancient, medieval, and early modern Mediterranean.

Please do join us in person in New York or watch the papers live via the BGC website (the video of the day will also be available on the website at a later date). Please find the program and instructions as to how to livestream the symposium at the BGC website: To join the discussion remotely via twitter, either with questions or comments, you may use the twitter hashtag #bgctv.


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