Graduate Workshop: Cappadocia in Context

Cappadocia in Context
Immerse yourself in Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Cappadocia…

(Turkey) – The Goreme Valley of Cappadocia, Turkey 5

INFO:  Intensive Graduate Summer Workshop by Koç University RCAC
DATE: 16 JUNE – 04 JULY 2014

Do you want to explore the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine?  Within the region’s spectacular volcanic landscape are dozens of rock-cut settlements, including hundreds of painted, rock-cut churches, chapels, monasteries, houses, villages, towns, fortresses and underground cities.

The program will start in Istanbul, with lectures and field trips.  After three days in Istanbul, the group will travel to Cappadocia.  Through a program in Cappadocia that combines lectures, guided site visits, thematic explorations and seminar presentations, the workshop will explore ways to read the landscapes and its monuments, as well as ways to write a regional history based on the close analysis of sites and monuments.

Prof. Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Tolga Uyar (PhD. University of Paris I), with the contribution of some esteemed faculty members from Koç University, will present Cappadocia through a combination of lectures, seminar discussions, site visits and field trips.  A camera, sturdy walking shoes and a taste of exploration are essential!

In order to maintain an intimate setting and provide maximum exposure opportunities, the program has a limited capacity of 14 students.

Scholarships and financial aid are available.
Application deadline 30 April 2014.
All instructions will be in English; reading skills in French highly recommended.
This program is only open to graduate level students in appropriate fields of study.

For more information see:

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