Conference: People, Texts and Artefacts: Cultural Transmission in the Norman Worlds of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, Emmanuel College Cambridge, 23-25 March 2014


Sunday 23 March 2014

12.00-2.00pm  – Registration and informal lunch Queens’ building, Harrods Room

2.00pm  – Welcome by Professor Elisabeth van Houts (Cambridge) Queens’ Building, Lecture Theatre     

2.15-3.45pm – Session 1

  • David Abulafia (Cambridge), ‘The transformation of the Norman kingdom of Sicily’
  • Edoardo d’Angelo (Naples) ‘A Norman school in the Holy Land?’

3.45-4.15pm – Tea/coffee

4.15-5.45pm – Session 2

  • Paul Oldfield (Manchester), ‘The Bari charter of privileges of 1132: articulating the culture of a new Norman monarchy’
  • Alice Taylor (King’s College, London), ‘Homage in Norman law and chronicles’

7.00pm – Dinner

Monday 24 March 2014

9.30-11.00am – Session 3

  • Tom Licence (East Anglia), ‘Historical writing at St. Vincent’s, Metz and its influence in the Anglo-Norman world’
  • Mario Zecchino (Bologna) ‘Weights and measures in the Norman- Swabian world’

11.00-11.30am – Tea/coffee

11.30-1.00pm – Session 4

  • Giuseppe Mastrominico (Ariano Irpino), ‘Law and literature in the Courts of Love’
  • Lindy Grant (Reading), ‘Angevin princesses as agents of cultural transmission’

1.00-2.30pm – Lunch

2.30-4.00pm – Session 5

  • Anna Laura Trombetti (Bologna) ‘Attività legislativa di Guglielmo I e di Guglielmo II’
  • Robert Liddiard (East Anglia), ‘The Landscapes and the Material Culture of the Anglo-Norman Empire: Chronology and Cultural Transmission’

4.00-4.30pm – Tea/coffee

4.30pm – Exhibition Emmanuel College Library Medieval Manuscripts

7.00pm – Conference Dinner

Tuesday 25 March 2014

9.00-10.30am – Session 6

  • Graham Loud (Leeds),’The medieval archives of the abbey of S.Trinità, Cava’
  • Teofilo de Angelis (University of Cassino-Basso Lazio)‘The manuscript tradition of Petro of Eboli’s De balneis Puteolanis: recensio and stemma codicum’

10.30-11.00am – Tea/coffee

11.00-11.45am – Session 7

  • Marie-Agnès Avenel (Caen), Ecrire la conquête: une comparaison des récits de Guillaume de Poitiers et Geoffrey Malaterra

11.45-12.15pm – Session 8

  • David Bates (East Anglia/Cambridge) Concluding remarks Editors’ information about plans for publication

12.30pm – departure

The conference can be booked from 17 January 2014 (until 15 March 2014) through the University of Cambridge conference e-sales facility and then look for ‘Conferences’ and ‘History’.

For six graduate students’ bursaries (a reduction of £50), please contact Elisabeth van Houts (


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