Publication News: New Issue of Art History

unnamedThe latest issue of Art History, Volume 37, Issue 1 Pages 4 – 199, February 2014, is available on Wiley Online Library.

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies (pages 4–7)

Editorial (page 9) Gavin Parkinson

Original Articles

Ladies-in-Waiting in Waiting: Picturing Adolescence in Dmitry Levitsky’s Smolny Portraits, 1772–76(pages 10–37) Rosalind P. Blakesley

The Motionless Look of a Painting: Jules Bastien-Lepage, Les Foins, and the End of Realism (pages 38–67) Marnin Young

Second Only to the Original: Rhetoric and Practice in the Photographic Reproduction of Art in Early Twentieth-Century China (pages 68–95) Yu-jen Liu

Hands on the Table: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Expressionist Still Life (pages 96–125) William Sherwin Simmons

‘With an almost pathetic fatality doing what is right’: Late Sickert and his Critics (pages 126–147) Sam Rose

The Branding of the Museum (pages 148–165) Julian Stallabrass


Water Worlds: Examining Mobility, Power and Civilization in the Islamic World (pages 166–169)
Zainab Cheema

Fragonard’s Reverse Whodunnit and Other Tales of Relocation (pages 169–174) Melissa Percival

Victorian Shock Value (pages 175–180) Ayla Lepine

Documents of American Art (pages 180–183) David Peters Corbett

Sladey Ladies and Femmes Modernes (pages 184–188) Brian Foss

Pop Art and Subjectivity: Diversification of Narrative Frameworks and Expansion of the Field’s Scope (pages 189–194) Elisa Schaar

Touched Photographs (pages 195–199) Jane Blocker


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