Kings Launch “Sharing Ancient Wisdoms” Project


Kings College London have launched their Sharing Ancient Wisdoms project, which is publishing several texts of interest to Medievalists/Byzantinists.

For more details see:



Included in the collection:
– Gnomological Material in Arabic and in Arabic-Spanish transmission
Texts established by Ines Dallaji, Lorenz Nigst, Christoph Storz, Elvira Wakelnig

– Arabic Philosophical Compendia and Excerpts of Arabic and Latin Philosophical Texts
Texts established by Christoph Storz and Elvira Wakelnig

– Apophthegmata et gnomae secundum alphabetum
Annotated edition of Greek Gnomologia by Denis Searby, Måns Bylund, Pontus Österdahl, with English translation by Denis Searby

– Kekaumenos, Consilia et Narrationes
Greek text, English translation and commentary by Charlotte Roueché, with further translations by H.G. Beck, J. Signes Codoner, G.G. Litavrin, M.D. Spadaro

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